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Chapter 23 Who Likes Men So Much

Seeing Emperor Yan’s smile getting more and more sinister, Yuzhen was afraid that he would do something and end up destroying his three views.

He hurriedly wrapped himself up with the quilt tightly, rolled away from the emperor, and stared at him innocently.

“Yan Tenghua! Don’t come here!”

(t/n: Three views generally refer to the world outlook, the outlook on life, and the values.

These are the three views recognized by most people.

They are dialectically unified and interact with each other.

The lofty truth, goodness, and beauty are the pursuit goals of the three views.)

“Oh You actually called out this King’s name” Emperor Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Did this guy think he couldn’t move him when he was wrapped in a quilt Yet unexpectedly, he heard him call out his name.

Except for the person who named him, no one had ever dared to call him by his real name.

Those who dared, ended up dead.

But hearing it from this very frightened smelly boy, it sounded interesting.

“What’s the problem Isn’t a name used to be called out” Every time Yuzhen saw Emperor Yan’s evil eyes, he always felt scared.

It might be a wrong decision to go against Yan Tenghua, but the stubbornness in his bones pushed him to persevere in fighting against the pervert emperor to the end.

Emperor Yan turned around to lean on his side, propping his cheek with his hand then said quietly, “Call this King’s name again.”

Liu Yuzhen was instantly terrified, and a chill spread throughout his body.

Was this a threat Obviously a threat! People had to bow their heads under the eaves, yet the outcome was still the same.

So he twisted his body to stick on the wall and made a defensive posture.

(t/n: People have to lower their heads under the eaves means one often has to concede when he or she is in a disadvantaged position)

Emperor Yan laughed.

He decided not push him further because of the internal injury he’d given him.

When he suddenly remembered something his expression turned cold.

“Yuzhen, why didn’t you go back to the palace directly after you left the Anning Pavilion Where did you go”

Yuzhen thought about it for a while.

He couldn’t tell Emperor Yan that he had met someone from the Liu Kingdom.

Although he was not sure, only few people in the Great Yan should have known of Prime Minister Liu.

“Ah! No! I just went out for a walk with Xiao Pei.

Doesn’t this kind of thing happen often times”

“It’d better be as you said.

Don’t go outside during this time.

This King doesn’t want to see you have any contact with Liu Ling.”


If he really cared about him getting in contact with Liu Ling, why did he still let him hang out instead of stepping up the security around his place It was the same back then when he was so nervous that he rushed over and kissed him just to block him from Liu Ling’s view.

In fact, since then, he had been defensive whenever he was with other people.

Was he truly jealous Yet Yuzhen thought that it didn’t make sense.

“Why do you care so much about Prince Liu Even if I meet him, I won’t go with him.

Didn’t you just oppress me using the lives of the people of the Liu Kingdom Surely you have not forgotten” 

“It turns out that you have taken this King’s words to heart!” Emperor Yan seemed happy to hear this, his solemn expression suddenly relaxed.

He wanted to get close to Liu Yuzhen again.

“In this case, this King should reward you.” With these words, he hugged the person, who was still wrapped with the quilt,and kissed the red soft lips again.

Liu Yuzhen couldn’t resist at all, so he had to shrink under the quilt.

“No, I don’t want a reward.

It’s not too late for you to be happy when I get Zhijun back.”


Since you’ve promised this King, you must do it!” Emperor Yan said word by word.

“But as long as Zhijun doesn’t come back, you will stay and won’t be able to leave.

This King will teach you the etiquette of the Great Yan from today onwards, and you better learn them.

Liu Ling will leave in the next few days.

And as soon as he leaves, this King will resume your position as prime minister.”


I will run away as soon as Liu Ling leaves, who is going to be the prime minister! What a big joke Liu Yuzhen thought, yet he nodded seriously on the surface.

“What etiquette”

“Ha, ha, ha” Emperor Yan leaned over and smiled “This King will first teach you the etiquette of monarchs and ministers.

No matter what, this King is the Emperor of the Great Yan.

Whatever this King does to you, as a minister, you are not allowed to resist.

Understand” After that, he held Liu Yuzhen’s small face and gave him another deep kiss.

“What the hell! You’ve had enough!”

Liu Yuzhen’s hair flared, but Emperor Yan only gave him such a chance to catch his breath before he began to suck on his lips again.

His warm tongue quickly entered his mouth, stirring and licking every nook and cranny.

This was not the first time that Emperor Yan had kissed him.

But every time he kissed him, he always felt suffocated in his heart, as if something was about to come out on impulse.

Also, he had to admit that Emperor Yan’s kissing skills were really good.

Yuzhen had never kissed anyone before.

He didn’t really hate being hugged and kissed by Emperor Yan now.

Although this was something that couldn’t be helped. 

When Emperor Yan noticed the other party responded, his animal blood instantly boiled.

Although it was very difficult, he had to stop himself from moving on to the next step with Yuzhen since he still had important things to deal with.

After letting go of the soft and sweet lips, he got up and prepared to change his clothes.

When he saw Yuzhen’s languid appearance, he couldn’t help saying, “Come here and change this King’s clothes.”

Liu Yuzhen’s eyes widened.

He didn’t want to stare in a daze at that sinful body of his like that time.

“Go away! Young Master Ning Xiang is not here.

Don’t think this Prime Minister will help you again.”

“Oh You can only do it if Ning Xiang is here Should this King call for him”

Yuzhen was about to cry with his powerless state.

When would he be able to recover his physical strength and torture this bastard to death He couldn’t communicate normally with him at all! This guy was superior to him with a lofty attitude.

At this time, a eunuch’s message sounded from outside the door.

“Your Majesty, everything is ready.”

“I see.

You can now go down.” There was a little disappointment in Emperor Yan’s tone, and he expressed this disappointment directly in words.

“Liu Yuzhen, you are lucky.

If there is no accident, this King will not come tonight.

You take a good rest.” He put on the golden dragon robe by himself.

His movements were so quick that Liu Yuzhen could hardly catch it.

It was already noon.

A time when most people felt sleepy, but Liu Yuzhen wasn’t. What to do

He breathed a sigh of relief.

Anyway, as long as that person left, everything would be fine.

Whatever that he was doing, had nothing to do with him after all.

Loosening the tightly wrapped quilt, he rubbed his chest.

It was much more comfortable now compared to before, as if he had never been hurt in the first place.

At this time, Yuelan pushed open the door and came in holding Liu Yuzhen’s favorite sweet-scented osmanthus cake in her hand, causing Liu Yuzhen to sit upright.

“Ah Is the  Prime Minister going to bed now”

“Since Yuelan gave me something to eat, of course I’ll fill my stomach first then go to bed.” Liu Yuzhen’s eyes were bright, but he actually felt some apprehension in his heart.

He was particularly worried that Yuelan would ask him about the rabbit’s whereabouts.

“Hm Prime Minister, where is Bao’er that Yuelan gave you” Sure enough!

This girl looked innocent on the outside, but she really wouldn’t let anyone go.

Liu Yuzhen was perplexed.

He didn’t want to tell her that Liu Ling took it.

“Cough, cough… Imperial Concubine Mingge seems to like it very much and has taken it.”

“Lady Mingge” Yuelan’s brows pinched.

“Has the Prime Minister really met her Lady Mingge is the Princess of Luoyue Kingdom.

You’d better not get too close to her.”

“We haven’t really met each other.

Bao’er ran into her arms by itself.

Isn’t the Luoyue Kingdom always independent Why let her marry into the Great Yan”

“This seems to be a tradition between the two states.

Prime Minister, why should we care about the Great Yan.

Once it is destroyed, the Liu Kingdom will be free.”

Liu Yuzhen looked at her curiously while eating the cake.

It shouldn’t be out of a woman’s jealousy that she was warning him like this, but Yuelan was really extreme.

“Well, I see.

Thank you, Yuelan, for your concern.” Yuzhen was not that nosy, at least he didn’t want to show it.

Seeing that Liu Yuzhen was calm as usual, Yuelan pouted., “Prime Minister, you are so generous, but Bao’er was given to you by the Crown Prince.

Don’t you like it the most You used to say that seeing Bao’er is like seeing the Prince, How can you give it away at will”

“What” Liu Yuzhen was almost choked to death by a mouthful of sweet-scented osmanthus cake.

Did he hear that wrong Was he having auditory hallucinations Why was he hearing strange things one after another “Yuelan, you tell me honestly, what really is there between me and Prince Liu”

“Prime Minister, you really… It seems that your near death experience left some sequelae.

No wonder General Xiao explained everything to you recently.

You must have forgotten even the Prince! He will be very sad.

Don’t you like Crown Prince Liu the most”

“I…like men!” Liu Yuzhen’s eyes were about to pop out.

He had heard of the prevalence of homosexuality in this world.

It was completely accepted in this era and was just as normal as having friends.

There were even pets which were only exclusive to the aristocrats.

But such a relationship was called forbidden love in the modern times.

However, if the previous Prime Minister was indeed one, and with him now residing on his body, didn’t that mean—he couldn’t accept it at all! No wonder Emperor Yan kept making jokes about him and Liu Ling.

It turned out that there was really a big joke in there ba!


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