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Chapter 1 The man’s couch

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, it’s not good, he…”

From the empty and lonely observation deck, you can overlook the prosperity of the entire capital of Dayan.

The man in dragon robe and golden crown paused after hearing his maidservant’s message.

The icy light of apprehension shone through his cold eyes as he hurried away from the capital scenery.

“The order continues.

Allow the imperial doctor to save him if he attempts suicide.

This King wants to see how long it takes this waste to die at the hands of this Monarch.”

“But,” the maid said, a little uncomfortable, and knelt from a distance, unsure what to say.

The eunuch next to him saw it and hurriedly reprimanded, “Why don’t you go quickly!”

Liu Yuzhen, you are really bold.

If you don’t return Zhijun to this King, this King will show you that death is better than being alive.

Yan Tenghua clenched his fist fiercely.

He is already the Emperor of Yan.

No one can disobey his words.

There was no one in the past and there will be no one in the future.

There is no reason why he can’t get the person he wants, but the prime minister of the small country he is affiliated with dares to take away his sister, Zhijun.

Just because of his words, the cold palace was in a mess, everyone looked at each other, sweating.

They didn’t dare to tell the Emperor that the man enslaved by iron chains on the cool, thin, and hard couch had died of asphyxia (suffocation).

On his gorgeous but weary and feeble face, there was finally an expression of relief.

It was unknown if the prime minister was assassinated or whether the prime minister, who did not know martial arts, committed suicide, but it was commonly known that if the Emperor knew that the guy was dead, everyone present may be buried with him, regardless of how he died.

“Quick! Bring the ancient incense, maybe there is still salvation.”

I don’t know how long I’ve been tossed about…..**In addition to that smell of death, It’s unlikely to wake up again.

(Yuzhen POV)

“His Majesty arrives!”

The eunuch’s voice transmission stunned the people in the room, and dozens of people fell to their knees at the same time with a thud.

The Emperor hasn’t visited this frigid place in over ten days.

After a day of punishment and interrogation, the entire room has a weird odor.

What brought him here today

Yan Tenghua’s penetrating gaze passed through the crowd, staring straight at the wooden bed.

“Don’t act like you’re dead,” he said as he approached cautiously.

Liu Yuzhen feigned to sleep quietly the last time he came.

Yuzhen had been subjected to a barrage of tortures by him.

He only pleaded for mercy, but he never gave up his sister.

If you ask for mercy and die, don’t expect this King to let you go easily.

Yuzhen still had no response.

He was angry.

Leaving aside the obstruction of the crowd, he strode to * * and grabbed Yuzhen’s collar, “Get up for this King!”

He didn’t allow it, how could this man seek death before telling his sister’s whereabouts, isn’t he afraid that he would destroy the Liu Kingdom where he lived in his rage Does he not know that Zhijun is his only means of living, without Zhijun, he would feel very lonely and uneasy in this imperial city alone!

No one, however, seemed to notice what had transpired at that time.

They only saw that at the moment when their clothes danced, their Emperor’s impressive body was pressed under the Prime Minister of the state of Liu.

The iron chain used to lock the Prime Minister of Liu had already become a sharp weapon in his hand.

With his hands horizontal, the iron chain fastened on the Emperor’s neck.

What’s going on!

Believe it or not, the most surprised person here is definitely the guy who tried his best to tie people with chains.

He blinked, from the angry eyes to the perception that someone was around him, and then to his instinctive response to subdue the person.

Finally his eyes lit up, but he didn’t expect that a man would be squashed underneath him.

His first feeling was – if only it were a **ing girl

The next second, he felt something was off, not to mention that this man was wearing a soft golden robe, the important thing was the murderous aura on this man’s handsome face, which made him feel more vigilant.

Why Does this man want to resist

“Liu Yuzhen.” The man slowly confided three words in his thin lips.

“You actually know Lao Tzu’s name” He was stunned for a moment, and then realized that this stranger could call out his name (say his real name).

It was really weird.

Could there be a black hand behind the scenes ( black hand=secret criminal society)

“If you don’t let go, this King will order your Liu Kingdom to be turned into a pile of ruins.” The man’s face was as gray as dust, and his eyes cast a few murderous glare on his face.

Liu Yuzhen was stunned for a while, and when he looked back to check the surrounding situation, he was stunned.

There were many people!

And why are they all wearing strange ancient costumes, why does he feel that the youth in the dragon robe under him looks like a senior actor who has been pulled into the movie and can’t extricate himself out of the play

The man’s face was getting darker and darker.

He suddenly raised his palm and attacked Yu’s chest with the strength of the wind.

Who is Liu Yuzhen He considers himself to be an accomplished criminal police officer trained by the Chinese dynasty.

He has recently joined the Interpol special team as a result of his outstanding academic performance.

His legendary capture technique has earned him the appellation of “Falcon.”

He didn’t respond to what was going on, but if someone tried to sneak up on him, he’d be dead.

Yuzhen switched his hands to dodge the strong wind palm, one elbow pressed against the man’s chin to prevent him from moving, but the man’s other palm came forward instead.

Yuzhen, on the other hand, caught it just as he turned his wrist.

Now the man’s two big hands have been completely immobile.

He was apprehended, and the whole person was tightly trapped under him.

In front of him was a rebellious handsome face with a pair of eyes glistening with a sinister aura.

At this time, Yu Zhen burst into an unprecedented question: “By the way, who are you Why don’t I remember your appearance on my task list.”

“Let go of the Emperor! You beast who touches the dragon’s body, you are so daring!”

The people under the bed screamed, but they didn’t dare to come forward, probably because they were afraid that he would take the life of this dragon-robed man.

Yu Zhen’s expression changed, he restrained the chain binding the man’s both hands with one hand, and patted the man’s face with the other: “Hey, I said, assaulting a police officer is a big crime, I can kill you on the spot in the name of assaulting a police officer in minutes.

Play the drag game yourself, this police officer is very busy.”

Just as he let go of his hand and was about to get out of bed, he suddenly felt a tug, and suddenly realized that there was something wrong with it—why was it me who was trapped in chains ! Eh ! !

He knew he was dense, but what had occured was so unreasonable.

He stared at the man under him leaving the bed.

The man who looked like a maid immediately brought the washbasin and wiped him again and again as if he had feces on his face.

Yuzhen moved the iron chain in his hands.

What a strong sense of reality! He lost his smile completely.

I forgot that I had been shot with a gun when I was chasing a thug.

I thought I was dead.

Even my soul floated up and could even see my dead body.

What’s the situation now


I thought transmigration was only for women!

Yuzhen gave an odd smile to the guy in front, and a dreadful feeling came over him.

He knew the dragon-robed scumbag wouldn’t let him go just now.  “Uh, hehe, hello everyone…”

“Someone!” The voice of the man in the dragon robe was extremely cold.

“Drag him to the trial division and execute him tomorrow.”


Yu Zhen didn’t need to be shown what these Chinese officials’ abilities were after seeing a group of individuals rubbing their hands towards him! Even though he didn’t know which dynasty it belonged to or what the owner did, he knew there was an issue since he didn’t execute him right away and was instead imprisoned in this room.

 Yu Zhen stretched out his hands and made a “don’t go” gesture, shouting, “If you execute me, I won’t tell you what you want to know.

His shout worked.

The man seemed to forget his animosity for a moment and asked, eyes glistening.

“Oh Are you finally willing to say it”

“Willing, of course I’ll say it!” Several black lines hung on his face and said, “but not now.”

“Pull him out.” The man rigidly announced.

“Wait, I’m just a little hungry, if you prepare something for me, I might say it.

“Yu Zhen let go of his determination to continue squabbling.

That determination was used against the thugs, not against the person in front of him who had no grudge against him, and might even become a cash cow after his rebirth.

Perhaps confused by his innocent and honest eyes, the man in the dragon robe frowned, and on his elegant and upright face, various expressions changed in an instant, and finally settled on the usual indifference.

“Let the imperial kitchen prepare some snacks.

If he doesn’t say anything tonight, execute him.”

Yu Zhen was so grateful to hear that he had something to eat.

He believed he had wanted to complete the assignment as quickly as possible and had gone without eating until he died.

This man’s words were as pleasant as the sound of nature.

“Thank you Lord for your generosity!”

He respectfully made a mocking kowtow, feeling a bit like a compliant action to satisfy a neurotic mentality, and he didn’t feel ashamed at all.

However, in the eyes of Emperor Yan, all of this was completely different.


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