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Chapter 1073: Hell River Heavy Water


At this moment, Che Huan made a groan.

It flashed and disappeared into his shoulder.

Liu Mings face was startled, then he smiled bitterly.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the Che Huan avatar dissipated on its own.

His spiritual power was exhausted until 30% was left in such a short time.

Liu Mings spiritual power had been refined several times by “prison”, which made his spiritual power several times more than the cultivator of the same realm.

“Forget it, although the time is short, consider it as a one-time attack method.

If I really want to use it to fight normally with the enemy, Im afraid I will have to wait until I advance to the Real Pellet State.” Liu Ming muttered to himself.

Afterward, he sat down with his legs crossed, consumed an elixir and held 2 upper grade spirit stones to restore spiritual power.

After half a day, he felt that the spiritual power in his body had mostly been recovered, and he stood up immediately.

Now that Che Huan Totem had successfully advanced, he naturally didnt intend to stay here any longer.

He took out the jade slip of the map given by the middle-aged man in a green robe and read it with Divine Thought.

A quarter of an hour later, Liu Ming out of the cave, then he turned into a black escape light and flew in a certain direction in the depths of Hell Extinct Valley.

According to the map Qing Lan gave him, it took Liu Ming several days to cross the Hell Extinct Valley.

During this period, he encountered several eruptions of hell extinct qi.

Fortunately, his previous prediction was correct.

Hell extinct qi only had a slight impact on him.

He would not lose spiritual power like the rumored Serene Clan and ghost creatures.

After exiting Hell Extinct Valley, it was an endless hilly area.

According to the map, after crossing this hill, he could reach his destination, the hell river.

Liu Ming suppressed the excitement in his heart.

He released Divine Thought with a radius of dozens of miles.

This hill was actually within the area of the hell river.

According to the information he got, there were a lot of powerful yin beasts living near the hell river area.

It could also be regarded as an inaccessible and dangerous place in the deepest underworld.

speak up.

The Styx in this land of nine secluded places is equivalent to the underground spiritual veins of the human realm, and it is the source of yin qi in the land of nine secluded places.


Liu Ming hadnt reached the hell river yet, but he was already keenly aware that the yin qi in the surrounding space had gradually become rich and manic.

Such a manic yin qi, Serene Clan people were difficult to use directly.

Therefore, although the yin qi in the hell river area was rich, the Serene Clan forces would not choose to build a city here, which also caused most of the hell river to be in the remote places of the Serene Clan forces.

Only some yin beasts whose flesh was far superior to the Serene Clan people could withstand such a manic and pure yin qi.

But also for this reason, the yin beasts living in the hell river were not weak, but their intelligence was relatively low and their temperament was also extremely violent and murderous.

Liu Ming flew at a low altitude for a few more days, and he killed several yin beasts along the way.

A big black river appeared in his field of vision.

After confirming that there was no abnormality nearby, he flew forward.

Liu Ming was in the sky above the rolling black river, looking at the black river water flowing under his feet with an uncertain face.

Although this hell river was a river, it was like a vast ocean.

The other side couldnt be seen at all.

He could only roughly judge the direction of its veins by the direction in which it flowed.

The river looked pitch black as ink.

Even Liu Mings Divine Thought could only go down a few meters.

He also found that the surface of the river seems calm, but the undercurrent was actually surging.

In addition, as far as his eyes could see, there were more than 10 vortexes of different sizes.

The big ones were 180 meters; the small ones were 24 meters.

The spinning speed was extremely slow, making this black river water look viscous.

Liu Ming flew forward in the direction of the hell river, and he found that within the hell river area, the situation was almost the same.

There were even more vortexes in some areas.

He found a place with relatively few vortexes.

After waiting for a while, he found that nothing was out of the ordinary.

Immediately, he flicked his sleeve, and a gray talisman appeared in his hand.

After tearing it, a green light enveloped him.

Immediately after, he turned into a green light and dived down.

He stopped when he was a few meters away from the hell river below.

A biting chill swept from all directions.

Liu Ming felt his body sink at the same time as if there was an invisible suction in the dark river below.

Even the green shield protecting him became twisted.

There was a faint trace of black water vapor, which was constantly pouring into the small gap on the shield.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was startled.

He hurriedly made gestures, and black air gushed out and filled the entire shield.

With his powerful spiritual power, the black water vapor was suppressed.

It took about 10 minutes for Liu Ming to gradually get used to this environment.

“This hell river is really mysterious.”

After Liu Ming muttered a few words to himself, he closed his eyes and began to recall the chants of the Thousand Condense Water Code in his mind.

He recited the chants silently several times.

After making sure that there was no omission, he opened his eyes again, raised his arms and chanted.


With him as the center, 9 water beams rose from the hell river below.

The water beams intertwined and turned into a 3 meters black water cluster above him.

Immediately afterward, Liu Ming pointed toward the sky and shot a green light at the black water cluster.

The black water cluster spun slowly in the air.

Wisps of transparent water vapor spread in all directions with the rotation of the black water cluster.

The black water cluster also kept getting smaller, but the yin qi emitted from it became more and more pure.

After more than 10 days, the black water cluster had shrunk to the size of a bean.

Liu Ming changed gestures as he tapped at the water bead.

The entire black water bead trembled slightly in the air.

Then came the sound of “poof!“

The surface of the water bead shed a layer of black mist like an egg shell.

In the hazy mist, a black water bead stopped in the air.

This was also fortunate that Liu Mings spiritual power was extremely pure.

If it were someone else whose cultivation level was far inferior to him, he wouldnt be able to do it.

Liu Ming waved 1 hand, and the black water bead came into his palm.

The next moment, he only felt his hand sink, and his entire arm trembled involuntarily.

The heavy water condensed with hell river is indeed not comparable to ordinary heavy water.

From the perspective of its weight, it was several times heavier than the heavy water of Liu Mings Heavy Water Droplet.

He put this drop of heavy water in front of him and examined it carefully, and he found that the surface of the heavy water of the hell River had small black spots evenly distributed.

It was faintly shimmering.

When he released Divine Thought to sense it, he also found that its density was much denser than that of the heavy water he had obtained before.

When Liu Ming lightly touched the heavy water with his fingers, a piercing cold penetrated into his body through his fingertips, making him shiver.

He hurriedly retracted his fingers, nodded and put the hell river heavy water into the jade box he prepared beforehand.

Then he continued to refine as he did.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Liu Ming looked at the jade box in his hand, and there were 3 drops of hell river heavy water in it.

There was a hint of joy in his eyes.

According to some mystic arts that condensed heavy water found in the Taiqing Sects Scriptures Pavilion, it would take at least 8 years to condense a drop of it with his current cultivation.

And now, in just 1 month, he had refined 3 drops!

The speed at which the hell river heavy water was refined was really beyond Liu Mings expectations, making him overjoyed!

Just when Liu Ming put the lid of the jade box into the Sumeru Ring and planned to continue to condense more heavy water, a change occurred!

The originally calm pitch-black river water below him shook violently.

Then, a huge vortex of dozens of meters appeared out of nowhere, and waves of black light suddenly swept toward Liu Ming.

The surrounding space suddenly tightened, and a powerful spiritual pressure surged from all directions.

Liu Ming reacted very quickly.

He made a gesture and moved up hurriedly, barely dodging the black light.

The black light below quickly dissipated, replaced by a large amount of hell river surging up quickly.

A deafening roar sounded!

A giant monster with a size of more than 300 meters came out of the surging hell river.

Liu Ming glanced down in shock!

This beasts body was dark and shiny like a huge hippo.

It was covered with thick scales.

The pair of horns on its head were like deer horns.

Its eyes were yellow.

It was glaring at Liu Ming ferociously.

Liu Ming flicked his sleeve, and a gray light flashed out with a whistle.

It swirled in the air and turned into a gray flying sword.

But when he was about to channel the flying sword to slash down, the beast suddenly opened its mouth, and an air vortex formed out of thin air.

Liu Ming felt that the surrounding space was suddenly twisted, and an unusually strong suction force came.

A gray airflow wrapped him up firmly like a chain pulling him toward the beasts mouth.

He made sword gestures, and the small gray sword turned into a gray light to attack the air wall around him.

“Bang bang bang!“

This air vortex was extremely tough.

He couldnt get out of it!

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