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“Damn b*sta– Ah!!”

“Bang, bang!”

A scene that didnt match the living zone suddenly appeared on Flemberda Street.

A fat man was seen hugging his head while crying.

At times, he would scream and beg for mercy.

At other times, he would curse… He was much more dramatic than the actors in the theater.

The most eye-catching thing was that no matter how much he cried and made a fuss, a strange force kept him in the air.

Then, he would be turned upside down, and his extremely fat face would touch the ground like the sole of a shoe.

The whole scene was just strange!

Some busybodies came forward and excitedly watched the show, “Whats going on”

It just so happened that a customer was coming out of Yinyun Store.

She glanced at the “person” whose face was now a mess and said, “Who knows whats wrong with this person He doesnt have any money in his pocket, yet he complained that the shop didnt have cheap snacks.

After he was rejected by the shop assistant, he even threatened the latter.”

Her companion next to her added, “This person is seriously untactful.

To think he dared to touch the tea and snacks of a god from the battle zone.

He deserves it for being reduced to this State!”

The two of them smiled and left.

It was a pity that they didnt get the contact information of the young man.

Upon hearing the title “god of the battle zone”, an immortal, who had originally wanted to take his bench out to sit and eat melon seeds while watching the show, instantly widened his eyes in shock, “What God!”

Some others came over and pointed at the pile of fat meat whose face had been disfigured.

“To think he even dared to offend the god of the battle zone.

He really doesnt want his life!”

“Thats right.

The battle zone is different from the living zone.

Just entering it requires a special token!”

“I wonder which god did this person offend”

As they were discussing, a woman dressed like a prostitute walked over gracefully.

When she saw the fat man, she suddenly exclaimed, “Ah, isnt this Young Master Zhao Yu Its fine if you didnt come to the Fengyue Brothel, but why are you lying here…”

Her voice grew softer as she spoke as if she had sensed something.

When the onlookers suddenly heard the fat mans name, they were stunned.

Then, they scattered in all directions.

“Zhao Yu Thats f*cking Zhao Yu”

“F*ck, how did he get beaten up to such a state…”

“Who is that guy in the shop Is he not afraid of the Zhao familys revenge”

“Oh my, hes so miserable.

Maybe his parents wont even recognize him when they come over later.”

“You dare to make fun of the Zhao Family Hurry up and run before they arrive.

When they arrive later, the Zhao family wont care about anything else.

Theyll either beat up or punish the other party!”

“Thats right.

The Zhao family has occupied twelve streets nearby.

They are usually the king in this area!”


In a few minutes, the originally crowded street was completely silent.

The customers that wandered over scattered like birds and beasts.

As for the shop owners on the street, they either went offline to ensure their safety or cowered in their shops, not daring to make a single sound.

In the silence, the remaining sounds were extremely obvious.

There was only one customer left in Yinyun Store.

The mess that the fat man had made just now had all been cleaned up.

When the noise outside reduced, the waiters went offline one after another as well.

The owner of this tea shop was a rather elegant lady.

Chu Feng could not help but frown after being stared at for a while, “Why are you looking at me”

“Do you know who you just threw out just now”

“I dont care who he is.

Either way, hes just an eyesore,” Chu Feng rolled his eyes and didnt take it to heart.

The woman came over, emitting a faint fragrance, “May I know who My Lord is”

Chu Feng felt uncomfortable and stepped back.

He said coldly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Even though the conversation was cut off time and time again, the shop owner was not embarrassed.

She simply lowered her head and lamented, “My Lord, you are a capable person.

Its a pity that I, an old lady, am not capable.

When the Zhao family comes over later, Im afraid that even my only shop will be gone.”

Chu Feng looked at her coldly and could not be bothered to respond.

If not for the okay quality of the tea and snacks here, and the fact that he had already sat down, he would have left no matter what the other party said.

However, the Zhao family… He did not expect that there would be someone in the illusory world trying to be a landlord.

To be honest, Chu Feng could not stand it.

After sitting there for the time it took to brew half a cup of tea, a womans voice suddenly sounded from outside.

She sounded like her heart was aching, “God damn it, which shameless person dares to bully my obedient child Theres no justice…”

“Mom, that b*stard is still in the shop.

You have to help me get revenge!” A voice speaking in a strange tone could be heard.

It sounded like it came from the fatty who had lost a few teeth.

There were two other voices of concern beside him, one male and one female, one old and one young.

“Ah Yu, dont be afraid.

Father will definitely help you!”


When Chu Feng came out, he saw that Yinyun Store was surrounded.

Obviously, the other party was afraid that the people inside would run away.

Chu Feng found it interesting and he curiously tried to use the virtual currency teleportation only to find that the teleportation channel seemed to have been cut off.

There was no reaction.

It seemed that these people had something special in their hands.

“You b*stard, how dare you lay your hands on someone from the Zhao family!”

“Someone, arrest him and cut him into pieces!”

The middle-aged man and woman had extremely ugly expressions.

When they saw Chu Feng come out, they shouted for him to be killed.

As for the pile of meat next to them, he made a groaning sound like a pigs groan as medicine was applied to his wounds.

It was simply unsightly to the eyes and hurtful to the ears.

Chu Feng couldnt be bothered to cast an extra glance at them.

He directly had the Mirage Butterfly kill all the servants.

In a breaths time, there were only five people, a butterfly, and a pile of fat left in the area in front of the shop.

Seeing this, the pupils of the middle-aged man and woman in luxurious robes constricted.

They bent their knees and suddenly knelt! Chu Feng was stunned.

Wasnt this kneeling too fast

Even if they were immortals with extremely unstable foundations, they shouldnt kneel only because they encountered someone of a higher level… Although Chu Feng was feeling very puzzled, he still looked indifferent on the surface, “Who was the one who wanted to chop me into pieces just now”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man immediately threw himself to the ground, roaring that he was willing to be of service to my Lord.

Chu Feng frowned, and the Mirage Butterfly let out a “mi-meh”.

After the spatial blade flashed, only three people and a butterfly were left on the spot.

“You two, come in and talk.”

The Yinyun Stores owner and the abnormally silent lady surnamed Zhao followed him into the shop.

Chu Feng said indifferently, “Tell me about the living zone of the illusory world.”

The lady glanced at the young man who was sitting casually.

When she recalled the scene of him killing nearly a hundred immortal guards so easily, her heart trembled.

She paused for a moment before taking the initiative to speak, “The illusory worlds living zone has countless streets.

Store owners like us are actually people who died in the real world with only a remnant soul left.

Because our bodies in the outside world have already died, the vast majority of store owners can not log off like the customers and waiters.

It can be said that in the illusory world in the eyes of others is the real world in our eyes.”

“Of the virtual currency that we earn from the customers, other than handing a portion of them over to the illusory world, we also have to hand it over to street chiefs like boss Zhao who have the authority to manage the streets, as well as the guard organizations.

Whether its the street chiefs or guard organizations, they dont seem to be fixed.

Of course, either way, to us its just paying tax.

Its just that some of them require us to pay more frequently…”


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