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Chu Feng didnt hear the discussions outside.

After staying in the inheritance zone for a while, he arrived at the battlefield.

Compared to the elegance he maintained during the previous battle, this time was obviously different.

During the ten minutes of preparation time, Chu Feng exchanged some useful information from the trading zone of the four regions in the illusory world.

He learned many things.

For example, the immortal that he was about to fight was a monster that came from the side branch of the demon race, the blood sea demon race.

Although the races ranking on the Gods Worlds Species Leaderboard was lower than the human race in the central region which was in fifth place, it wasnt to be underestimated!

The time of the races birth was unknown.

It was originally formed from the endless sins of killing caused by a very small number of living creatures, including the human race and the beast races.

According to records, the blood sea demon race would even corrode their creators, the beings that carried endless killing sins! It seemed that where the Bloody Pagoda appeared last time, a God Venerable blood sea demon had been born!

At that time, it was said that the demon had eroded several regions.

If the Eastern Temple hadnt sent reinforcements in time then, it wouldve very well eroded dozens or even hundreds of regions!

Right, the Bloody Pagoda did not only appear in the eastern region.

Similar existences also appeared in the other four divine regions.

Other than the Gods, demons, and celestials, the members of the other races who did not leave the pagoda in time suffered heavy losses.

The god race, demon race, and celestial race had many other branches.

For example, it was said that only the top geniuses of the destructive god race could use the Mirage Butterflys destructive divine sword.

As for the blood sea demons, although they were few in number, their destructive power was no less than that of some evil cultivators.

“… The resentment and vengeful souls in the blood sea were all formed from the thousands of creatures that were slaughtered by the blood sea demons.

The corrosive nature of the blood sea is extremely strong.

It can even corrode a Gods country.

Moreover, the blood sea is covered with ghost path illusions.

Even a true God wouldnt be able to gain an advantage facing a blood sea demon!” A monotonous and unisex electronic voice sounded in Chu Fengs mind.

Thinking of the information he had just received, he looked at the other party with an exceptionally cold gaze.

Since that battle was between the person ranked 15th on the immortal battle ranking against the 11th, the battle information block of the illusory world wasnt activated.

Soon, many came to watch.

The news about Tyrant had long spread in the illusory world.

Even some true Gods who hadnt thought much of him before had come to watch while having all kinds of thoughts.

From the information they had gathered, Chu Feng was bound to break through to the true God level.

In the future, they might have to face him.

It was better to be cautious!

The two parties werent dead, so they could naturally sense the burning gazes outside the battlefield.

But whether it was Chu Feng or the endless sea of blood that had swept over half of the battlefield in two short moments, they couldnt care less about the outside world.

Even though they were separated by half of the battlefield, the incomparably mournful cries of vengeful and malicious ghosts still resounded throughout the battlefield.

“Tyrant, you deserve to die!”

“It hurts… It hurts so much.

How can you still be alive after killing me!”

“Damned human, why arent you dead yet…”

“It hurts so much, please let me go!”


Screams, wails, pleas, curses… It was like tens of thousands of scissors were being dragged across the floor, bringing with them an ear-piercing hell orchestra that almost pierced ones eardrums.

Even the immortals and true Gods who were watching through the barrier couldnt help but shudder.

Chu Feng stood quietly in midair, not saying a word.

In a trance, he seemed to hear the voices of the Blue Planets foreign races that he had once killed.

This included the Poluo Behemoth ancestor, Moer who had traveled outside for ten thousand years, Ortes the Titan Thunder Beast who had stepped down due to rumors, and Reisha the Frost Phantom who had taken over immediately after… One after another, sound after sound, all of them were saying the same thing.

“Chu Feng, give me back my life!!”

In an instant, the surging sea of blood on the other side suddenly expanded, filling the entire battlefield in just two seconds! In just two breaths, the tiny human figure was swallowed.

The onlookers could not help but be shocked, all saying that Tyrant was definitely dead!

“That person was too careless.

He clearly knew that the opponent was a blood sea demon, yet he did not put up any defenses”

“Alas, to think that I bet on his win.

It seems that the rumors in the outside world are all false.”

“If I were the one on the battlefield, I wouldve secured the territory at the back first.

I would never let the blood sea develop to the point where it could flood the place!”

“Not only can the blood sea corrode the body and soul, but the ghost path illusions formed by thousands of malicious ghosts and vengeful souls are littered within.

In my opinion, that human will definitely die.”

“The battle has been decided.

Tyrant is at most struggling for his life in the sea of blood!”


Apart from the majority who didnt think highly of Tyrant, some were still hesitant.

Among these immortals and true Gods, there was no lack of beings who had watched Chu Fengs last battle.

They couldnt understand why Tyrant, who had instantly defeated his opponent in the last battle, would act so strangely in this battle.

Only those who had fought against the blood sea demon before knew of the intense terror.

“When those you killed gain power stronger than you, youll be like a fish on a chopping board!” This thought flashed through the minds of some people, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Chu Feng, who was thought to be certainly dead, was still in the sea of blood.

His ears were filled with screams, and his vision was filled with bloody mouths with sharp teeth, but his expression was indifferent.

“Mirage Butterfly,” Fei Nuo Sha flew out of the beast world and landed on the Beastmasters shoulder.

Chu Feng was in an open area that seemed to have drained all of the blood.

The strange chunks of flesh would occasionally rush toward this space, but in the next moment, they would be forcefully ejected.

The space barrier that had been set up since he entered the battlefield was being gnawed on by countless bloody mouths.

On the transparent barrier, there were even figures that Chu Feng recognized.

They twisted and howled.

“Pay with your life!”

“Tyrant, give me back my life…”


“Damn it, go to hell!!”


At this moment, the Mirage Butterfly suddenly called out, “Mi-meh!”

A cute voice that was different from the shrill cries sounded on the small battlefield.

At the same time, Fei Nuo Sha took control of the space barrier from Chu Feng, expanding the square-sized space barrier countless times in an instant!

It was as if a solid particle in a water-filled balloon had instantly expanded to a size much larger than the balloon.

Under the pressure of the Mirage Butterflys space barrier and the small battlefields space barrier, the blood sea was like the fruit juice in a two-layered container that was densely packed with the meat of the fruit, being extracted crazily!

“Mi-meh~” The Mirage Butterfly danced gracefully, flapping its wings.

A spherical space barrier appeared in the blink of an eye, engulfing the butterfly and the human.

Then, the space barrier on the outside stuck to the illusory worlds small battlefield as it ground the blood sea crazily.

Some ferocious creatures in the blood sea twisted violently but were torn apart and crushed by invisible space blades in the next moment.

They couldnt howl anymore! The eardrums of the spectators who were watching the battle outside broke repeatedly.

They were clearly not on the battlefield, but their ears were all bleeding.

Those who reacted quickly immediately paid some virtual currency points to teleport out of the battlefield.

They were filled with fear! Before long, a large area of the originally noisy viewing area was cleared out.

Apart from the vast majority who fled in fear, some chose to bear the damage to watch the show.

There were even a small number of smart people who went straight to wait at the place where the participants of the duel on the immortal battlefield would be sent out after the battle.


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