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Looking for trouble

A new day arrived.

Bian Shengjian opened his eyes.

The slanting sunlight outside sprinkled on the foot of the bed, and the alarm on the mobile phone next to the pillow was still ringing.

Bian Shengjian reached out and turned it off, he then sat on the bed in a daze for a while before slowly getting up–It’s another day.

In other words, since yesterday, his life was now completely brand new.

Bian Shengjian lazily whistled to Lu Shen who was leaning against the door waiting for him.

“Good morning.”

“Morning.” Lu Shen smiled.

“How was your sleep last night”

“It’s okay.” Bian Shengjian replied, and when Lu Shen tidied up his collar, his heart suddenly moved.

Some behaviors that usually seemed normal, now appeared to be infinitely magnified to him, or it may be because of the change in their relationship and identity– from two male high school students who seem to have a relationship that was too close to each other…..to each other’s boyfriend.

Tsk, tsk.

Just as Bian Shengjian was lost in his own thoughts, Lu Shen reached out and pinched his knuckles.

 “You’re in a good mood”

“I am.” Bian Shengjian raised his eyebrows, “Is it obvious'”

“It’s quite obvious,” Lu Shen said with a smile, “It feels like a flower is about to bloom on your face.”

“Damn, is it” Bian Shengjian quickly picked up his phone to take a picture, and found that his face had shown a silly smile before his brain allowed it.

He quickly rubbed his face and put it back to the usual high-cold style.

After all, love could be talked about, but the Third brother’s personality should not collapse.

But when Bian Shengjian and Lu Shen sat together in the dining hall and began to eat breakfast, the corners of Bian Shengjian’s mouth still couldn’t help but keep on rising.

As he watched the passers-by, he felt much better than usual, as if wishing he could just stand up and yell at the whole dining room–

Hey, this is my boyfriend! See, this handsome guy is my boyfriend!

Lu Shen peeled an egg for him and put it in a bowl, looking at Bian Shengjian’s eager expression, he was still a little confused.

“What’s wrong”

“It’s nothing.” Bian Shengjian coughed lightly, putting away his strange thoughts, and lowered his head to drink a mouthful of porridge.

“There is still a relay this afternoon, don’t forget.” Lu Shen paused as he spoke, and reached out to touch his knee.

“How’s your leg”

“It’s okay,” Bian Shengjian chewed a bun slowly, “It’s much better than a few days ago.”

“I’m afraid you’ll get hurt,” Lu Shen squeezed his thigh before withdrawing his hand, “You’re the last one to run.”

“No, Lu Shen, when will you get rid of that ‘touching me directly without my permission’ habit of yours” Bian Shengjian clicked his tongue and swallowed what was in his mouth.

“Don’t always do that.”

“Ah, okay.” Lu Shen nodded with a smile, and suddenly approached and asked, “Young Bian, do you want to move and live with me”

“Ah” Bian Shengjian was caught off guard by this question, and paused for a while before suppressing his voice and said, “Isn’t it inconvenient Moreover, my stuff…”

“It’s okay, you can just come over.” Lu Shen said immediately, “I still have a vacant bed at my place.”

“What on earth are you trying to do” Bian Shengjian suddenly came to his senses, and stared at him warily.

“No, Lu Shen, it seems like we’ve only been together for a day, right What kind of yellow waste is in your head right now”

“I don’t have one.” Lu Shen smiled and swallowed his saliva, “I just feel that if you are by my side, I can feel at ease.”

Bian Shengjian didn’t speak, and cut the egg that Lu Shen peeled for him in half with chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth.


“Then are you coming tonight” Lu Shen immediately looked at him.

“Let’s talk about it later.” Bian Shengjian responded, but some strange scenes appeared in his mind uncontrollably.

Waking up early in the morning with him, isn’t that good

Bian Shengjian crossed his legs calmly.

“Eat quickly, and go back to the classroom after eating.”

Today was the last day of the school sports meeting, and other events had basically come to an end, and the relay race in the afternoon was probably the last highlight, which was also one of the most exciting events in the competition every year.

Especially when the last baton was passed on to the last runner, the entire field could almost be overturned by the audience’s screams.

“Brother Jian, you seem to be in a good mood today” Zhou Li leaned in front of him, stared at him and said, “Ah! Do you have a lover”

“Scram.” Bian Shengjian lowered his head and tidied up the table, and raised his finger pointing to the right.

“I’ll change seats, don’t follow me.”

“Ah” Zhou Li was stunned for a moment and became anxious.

“Why change Do you not like sitting behind me”

“I’ll change seats if I want to, anyhow the air by the window is good.” Bian Shengjian replied vaguely, “It’s okay, this Father still loves you even if he changed seats.”

“Ah—” Zhou Li was very disappointed to see him carrying his school bag and throwing it on the table two seats away.

After sitting down, he casually put his hand on the shoulder of the person next to him, crossed his legs, turned around and snapped his fingers.


“What” Zhou Li looked at him seemingly down.

“It’s nothing, I just wish you can get rid of that single status as soon as possible.” Bian Shengjian turned his head as he spoke, with an indistinct arc still on the corner of his mouth.

“…Fuck! Brother Jian, what do you mean” Zhou Li shouted in shock, “Which girl did you promise and confess your love to yesterday”

“No one.” Bian Shengjian tilted his chair back and rocked it up and down, “I’m such a good young man with young roots, and it would’ve been too late to hide from them.”

“Be careful or you’ll fall.” Lu Shen stretched out his hand to support him, pinched the back of his neck a few times, then turned his head and smiled at the wide-eyed Zhou Li and said, “I’m sorry, but he’ll be sitting with me from now on.”

Zhou Li stared at him without saying a word.

Looking at the way these two people get along, three words popped out of his mind inexplicably: Dog man x man.


The relay race in the afternoon happened to be at three o’clock, and the sun was out, so it wasn’t that cold.

Shengjian deliberately took off two pieces of clothes before going on the field, but he stopped short as soon as one foot stepped on the track.

Suddenly, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

“What a coincidence” he said.

“Yes, it’s quite a coincidence.” Pan Zhiwei also said with a sneer.

Bian Shengjian glanced at him with a fake smile, and walked towards his own track position, but just as he turned around, he could clearly hear a curse coming from behind.

Fortunately, Bian Shengjian was in a good mood today, and he didn’t want to bother with this trash who stole the limelight yesterday—

After losing the game, these grandsons kept their promises.

During the broadcast yesterday, Shengjian could imagine the dark faces of the people on the other side of the loudspeaker, while Zhou Li slapped on the table, which almost resounded throughout the teaching building with a maniacal laughter.

“Hahahahahahaha! Cool! This is the way to punish these idiots! Let’s see who will play with them in the future!” —

Bian Shengjian didn’t look back, but the face that Pan Zhiwei looked at him just now flashed in his mind, and he was inexplicably worried in his heart.

Fuck, this idiot won’t do some tricks again, will he

“Get ready!

The referee raised the signal gun, Bian Shengjian stood on the last relay position and couldn’t help looking back.

As the gunshot rang out, a group of people rushed out at the same time.

It’s a pity that the person who was in charge of the first round in their class was a little bit late at the start, and he was immediately squeezed into the back row of the team in the blink of an eye.

At the moment, he was holding the stick and running desperately to the second position, trying to use all his might to run.

Bian Shengjian sighed, and stared at the second runner.

He hoped that this grandson–would run and run faster, and bring the gap back a bit.

But soon he was attracted by a familiar figure among the group of running people.

Jiang Wei He also participated in the relay

Oh, what a nest of wolves and rats.

Bian Shengjian stared closely at Jiang Wei.

He saw that he stretched out his hand and handed the stick to the next person, then stopped on the spot to take a few breaths, then he looked at Zhou Li, who took the baton as if jumping up in a hurry, then showed a mocking smile, he watched him run all the way towards Shenjian.

At this time, their class was several places behind.

Before Bian Shengjian got the baton, two people ran out first.

Bian Shengjian checked the distance with his eyes and shook his head regretfully.

He probably couldn’t catch up.

But if he worked harder, he might get third place at least………….ah

Bian Shengjian glanced at Pan Zhiwei who was across the runway from him, and couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

But the people in his class are not good either, are they

“Brother Jian! Run, run, run, run!” Zhou Li tried his best to get rid of someone in the third round, and used the precious few seconds to pass the baton to him.

Bian Shengjian grasped the baton tightly, turned around and rushed out, so fast that the sound of breaking wind could almost be heard.

The people in Pan Zhiwei’s class looked quite strong, but they were a few seconds slower than him in taking the fourth baton, and they were just right behind him at this moment.

Because the fourth sprint was mainly based on explosive power, Bian Shengjian only focused on the few people running in front, and successfully used an acceleration to open the distance with one person at the corner, and rushed straight to the finish line–

But at this moment, screams suddenly sounded from both sides of the runway, and it was too late when Bian Shengjian realized that the screams were not of excitement but fright.

About 40 meters away from the finish line, Bian Shengjian suddenly felt something hit his back heavily, and the rhythm that he had planned to sprint with all his heart was instantly disrupted, as he was directly hit by this force.

He staggered two steps forward.

He tried to stand still, but in the end he slipped forward and fell to the ground.

He subconsciously pushed his hands to the ground, and the rough rubber track directly scratched several pieces of skin on his palm, with black ash and blood stuck together:

“Fuck.” Enduring the dull pain in his back, Bian Shengjian struggled to stand up on his knees while others were still whizzing past him.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a baton rolling on the ground .

“I’m sorry.” Pan Zhiwei walked up slowly from behind, with a concerned look.

“I’m really sorry, the baton accidentally slipped out from my hand and was thrown out while I was running, did it hit you”

Bian Shengjian glanced at the wound on his palm, then raised his head to stare at him again: “…Did you do it on purpose”

“I’m really sorry.” Pan Zhiwei raised a smile on his face, but Bian Shengjian caught the flash of ridicule in his eyes at once

Before he could speak, Zhou Li ran up from the back of the track, yelling as he ran, “What the ** happened! Brother Jian, why did you fall”

“Pan Zhiwei,” Bian Shengjian shook his hands and stared at him.

 “Can you stand”

“What’s the matter” The referee also ran over, looked at the wound on Bian Shengjian’s palm and asked, “Did you accidentally fall”

“Sorry referee, the baton slipped out my hand just now, and it accidentally hit him on the back.” Pan Zhiwei said immediately.

“Oh, is that so” The referee frowned and looked at him, “Then why don’t you take him to the infirmary”

“No need,” Bian Shengjian said, “Come with me.”

“What” Pan Zhiwei was stunned for a moment, followed him and took two steps to the side, then lowered his voice and said, “I’m telling you……”

“Shut up.'” 

Bian Shengjian climbed over the railing, walked to the seat of their class, picked up a broom that was leaning against the side for cleaning, and twisted the head of the broom around with his hand, and the connecting point between the broom and its pole was unscrewed.

He placed the bottom part aside, walked up with the pole, and while Pan Zhiwei was still in a daze, he directly thumped the pole on the ground next to his leg, with no expression on his face. 

“Let’s fight, I have already endured you for a long time.”


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