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Running Towards You

It was a quiet night like still water.

The mood should have been as calm as the moonlight outside the window.

Until the door of the dormitory was suddenly pushed open–

“Hey!” Bian Shengjian was startled.

The moment the door was pushed open, a cold gust of wind blew in through the crack of the door which made him shiver.

“Close the door!”

“Okay.” Lu Shen immediately closed the door.

“What are you doing here” Bian Shengjian looked at him in irritation.

“To give you medicine.” Lu Shen shook the bottle in his hand, “Didn’t you hurt your leg”

“Just a minor injury, it’s nothing.” Bian Shengjian withdrew his gaze, lowered his head and continued to write and draw in the notebook.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

“I told you to not just go tomorrow, anyway it’s not an important game…” After Lu Shen sighed, he walked to his bed and was about to sit down when Bian Shengjian stopped him.

“Hey hey! Don’t sit on my bed in your pants.”

“I just took a shower.” Lu Shen smiled helplessly, raised an arm and shook it on the tip of his nose.

“You smell it, it still smells good.”

“Tsk, you bathed and rolled in a ditch somewhere, right” Bian Shengjian immediately leaned back and quickly put a distance away from him.

“Go away.”

“Show me the leg.” Lu Shen finally stopped smiling and looked down at his right leg seriously.

“Is it the knee”

“Mn.” Bian Shengjian reluctantly responded, “It’s really not……”

He didn’t get to continue the second half of the sentence, and only stared as Lu Shen suddenly stretched out a hand, pulled his calf and placed his right leg on his lap.

 “Don’t move.”

“No…hey! I really don’t need it!” 

Bian Shengjian’s whole body immediately bounced up.

Because the heating in the dormitory was fully turned on at the moment, after taking a shower, he only wore a pair of loose pants and vest.

Although it looked like what a retired old man would wear, it was more comfortable…..But when Lu Shen’s hand grabbed his leg, he immediately felt less comfortable.

“Put your hands away,” Bian Shengjian gritted his teeth and said, “Or I’ll sue you for molestation.”

“Shout.” Lu Shen said as he unscrewed the cap of the medicated oil, and said with a serious face.

“You can even shout louder, but no one will save you even if you shout till your throat hurts.”

“Fuck.” Bian Shengjian laughed instantly, “Shout till my throat hurts Help! Someone here is trying to molest me!”

“Stop shouting, I’ll try to be as gentle as possible.” Lu Shen patted his leg.

“Don’t move.”

Bian Shengjian didn’t speak any more.

Although Lu Shen didn’t hold his leg tightly, the heat in his palm seemed to scald the skin of his leg, especially for two people like now—

—When one person and one ghost were alone in this awkward posture.

“Hurry up.” Bian Shengjian held back for a long time before choking out a sentence.

“Okay.” Lu Shen responded, poured some medicated oil into his palm, rubbed it on Bian Shengjian’s knee, the pressure changed from light to heavy.

“…does it hurt”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Bian Shengjian gritted his teeth and responded.

“That’s good.” After Lu Shen smiled, he suddenly increased the strength of his hands, trying to rub the blood stasis on Bian Shengjian’s legs as quickly as possible.

“Lightly, **!” Bian Shengjian couldn’t hold back and kicked Lu Shen with his uninjured leg.

“If you don’t rub this bruise, it will hurt even more tomorrow,” Lu Shen said solemnly, “moreover, what you hurt is your knee.

This kind of joint is especially prone to arthritis.” 

“…..All right.” Bian Shengjian clicked his tongue, looked down at the shiny skin smeared by the medicinal oil, and cursed, “Damn.

Next time when I see those grandchildren again, I will beat them to death…”

Lu Shen paused, smiled and scratched his calf twice.

“If you need help, call me.”

“Are you done” Seeing that he stopped his hands, Bian Shengjian immediately retracted his leg.

“I’m sore from stretching.”

“Are your legs sore How about I give you a massage” Lu Shen wrapped his hands around his leg, quickly avoided the injured area and squeezed twice.

“How do you feel Is it comfortable”

“You……” Bian Shengjian looked at him a little speechless, but to be honest, Lu Shen’s massage was very moderate, which really made his sore muscles relax a lot after that game.

After a pause, he reluctantly said, “Mn, it’s quite comfortable.”

Lu Shen smiled, lowered his head and continued to look at Bian Shengjian’s leg.

In all honesty, his legs were very beautiful, long and straight, and the overall look was very well-proportioned, there was also a sense of strength when running.

Even the ankles were…..cough, sexy.

Lu Shen’s hands slowly pressed Bian Shengjian’s smooth and delicate skin, his eyes slid from the protruding bones of his ankles all the way up to his thighs, and finally stopped at Bian Shengjian’s neck.

I don’t know if the tooth marks have disappeared Lu Shen had the sudden urge in mind.

But I have to say that the skin on Bian Shengjian’s whole body is basically the same color, and the sense of touch is probably the same as well, for example, the one that fell on his forehead that day…

“Enough.” Bian Shengjian suddenly interrupted his train of thought, pulled his leg back forcefully, and said with an unnatural expression on his face, “Go back.”

“Did I hurt you” Lu Shen was a little nervous.

“It doesn’t hurt,” Bian Shengjian sighed, “I’m not a little girl.”

“All right,” Lu Shen hesitated and stood up, “I’ll go back first, good night.”

“Go.” Bian Shengjian waved his hand perfunctorily.

“Good night.”

After watching Lu Shen go out the door and leave, Bian Shengjian propped himself up the headboard and let out a sigh of relief.

When he opened his eyes, he was a little annoyed.

 It’s too ambiguous.

He didn’t know when he started to indulge in Lu Shen doing all kinds of behaviors that went beyond the boundaries, such as the tooth marks, or sleeping on the same bed, and today’s skin-to-skin touching under the pretext of massage…..In fact, if Li Fei were to do something like this to him, he would definitely not think much about it.

But he is Lu Shen.

He’s a…very special existence to him.

An unimaginable existence that will one day leave.

However, is still here right now.

Bian Shengjian gritted his teeth, trying his best to let himself ignore the huge strange feeling and inexplicable impulse that came to him when Lu Shen’s hand squeezed his leg just now.

……….Impulse your uncle! People squeezing your legs make you excited Are you a **ing pervert!

Bian Shengjian clicked his tongue, and fell back on the pillow in annoyance, with his legs curled up slightly.

It’s Lu Shen when you open your eyes, and it’s Lu Shen when you close your eyes, really like seeing a ghost.

What the hell!

Bian Shengjian pulled the quilt so as not to graze the medicated oil that had not been fully absorbed on his leg.

He turned almost 360 degrees on the bed, yet he still couldn’t suppress the impulse that had just emerged, on the contrary, it was getting worse and worse.


Bian Shengjian opened his eyes in despair and stared at the head board above his head, gritted his teeth and held his breath before slowly putting his hand inside his trouser.

….really the only way.


“Morning! Young Bian.” Lu Shen looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“What Didn’t you sleep well last night”

“No.” Bian Shengjian quickly turned his head and rubbed his face with his hands.

As if nothing had happened and covered up the flash of guilt just now.

“I slept well…”

“Do you know..” Lu Shen looked at him seriously.

“You have four big characters written all over your face right now.”

“What” Bian Shengjian also looked at him.

“I am very upset.” Lu Shen said.

“That’s five characters, illiterate.” Bian Shengjian couldn’t help chuckling, “Let’s go and have breakfast.”

“Okay, but don’t eat too much later.” Lu Shen reminded him, “You still have to run 1500…Is your leg better”

“It’s alright, feels like it’s just been rejuvenated.” Bian Shengjian said and kicked his leg.

“Thanks to Master Lu’s miraculous technique, it doesn’t hurt at all now.”

“That’s good.” Lu Shen happily hooked his shoulders with his hand.

“Let’s go, I’ll treat you to breakfast.” 

“Don’t, let me treat you.” Bian Shengjian glanced at him sideways.

“Otherwise I won’t be able to finish my meal card until graduation.”

“Ah, right.” Lu Shen became stunned for a moment, and then moved closer to him.

“Then why don’t you take care of me at school, and I’ll massage your legs every day.”

“Don’t push your luck,” Bian Shengjian clicked his tongue, and poked him away with a finger.

“Have some face…..”

“Okay, let’s just eat.” Lu Shen smiled and squeezed his knuckles.

The past few days of the sports meeting have been very lively.

The ground was full of class flags and people walking around, including all kinds of people wearing strange clothes and taking pictures together.

He didn’t know but he thought it was kind of a scene from a comic book.

However, compared with these people to the people around the track, the shouting over there was intense.

A group of people crowded around the fence and stretched their necks to roar at the people who would run in the race.

One by one, their necks bulged while being flushed from their face to their necks.

It was comparable to a gambling house.

“Go, Go! Go xxx and run faster!!”

Bian Shengjian felt a little headache when he heard these shouts, and even avoided the crowd when stretching, but Zhou Li still found him before the start of the game, and began to chatter nervously as soon as he came up.

“Brother Jian, have you tied your shoelaces tightly Have you finished using the toilet Would you like some more water You…”

“Shut up.” Bian Shengjian interrupted him unbearably, “Tied, pissed, and drank.”

“That’s good.” Zhou Li looked at him eagerly.

“Do you want me to run with you later!”

“No need, what would you pretend to be” Bian Shengjian sighed, and pointed to the boys on the side of the playground who tried to run with their girlfriends but were chased off by the referee all the way.


“Okay, then I’ll wait for you at the finish line.” Zhou Li smiled, “Do your best!”

“I’ll also wait for you at the finish line.” Lu Shen immediately added, “I’ll wait, good luck.”

“Understood.” Bian Shengjian was a little helpless, and after thinking about it before going on the field, he added, “Hey, help me stop them later.”

“What” Zhou Li was stunned for a moment but immediately realized what he was referring to, and nodded with a serious face.

“Don’t worry, they will never get close to you!”

“You’ve worked hard.” Bian Shengjian patted him on the shoulder.

For some reason, he wanted to laugh again, but he turned his head and raised his eyebrows at Lu Shen who was looking at him.

“I’m going in.”

“Yeah, just run as hard as you can.” Lu Shen smiled at him amidst the bustle, smiling so much that Shengjian felt a little itchy in his heart, and quickly turned around and walked onto the runway before he could show any strange expressions .

“Bian Shengjian!” The referee called his name.

“Here.” Bian Shengjian responded, walked to the corresponding path, bowed his head and stretched his legs again.

“Hi buddy.” Someone on the track next door called him in a low voice.

“Are you Bian Shengjian”

“Ah…” Bian Shengjian responded and looked up at him, a little wary.

“Who are you”

“I saw you played well yesterday, want to get to know each other” The boy who spoke smiled and adjusted his glasses.

“Thank you.” Bian Shengjian didn’t know what to say for a moment, “But let’s compete first.”

After withdrawing his gaze, Shengjian took a deep breath, and slowly squatted down to get into the starting position.


With a gunshot, the people on the runway ran forward in a pile.

When they passed the first bend, someone almost squeezed a person into the grass beside him, but Bian Shengjian was not in a hurry, just ran slowly behind a group of people, trying to control the proper distance between him and them.

After all, what was important in long-distance running was not speed, but rhythm.

If one used too much force in the beginning, he would not be able to run at the end.

Apart from Bian Shengjian, there were a few people who seemed to be from the school’s track and field team who also knew this very well, therefore they, like him, ran behind the crowd, and their eyes glanced at Bian Shengjian from time to time, seemingly speculating his strength.

Bian Shengjian raised his eyebrows and looked back, while controlling his breathing rate.

He looked very relaxed, like a wolf strolling in the forest.

The expressions of those people suddenly became serious, and it seemed that they had regarded him as a strong opponent in this competition.

Bian Shengjian hooked the corners of his lips, but was soon stunned by a shout from the side of the runway, and he almost staggered on his steps.

“Ah Jian, go, go! Why don’t you run faster Run faster!!”

“Ai.” He couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Along the way, he could obviously feel a bunch of eyes on him.

Although none of them were malicious, he still felt somewhat uncomfortable at the moment.

“Brother Jian, do your best!” A familiar voice suddenly came from the side.

Bian Shengjian raised his head subconsciously and began to search among the crowd, and soon found Zhou Li and his class…..oh, and Lu Shen.

“Come on!” Lu Shen shouted to him from the air with a smile.

Bian Shengjian glanced at him and then looked away.

It was obviously a very ordinary cheer, but the steps he took now suddenly became much more stable.


By the time that they had already run almost three laps, most of the people were already slowing down.

While maintaining the current breathing rate, Bian Shengjian kept measuring the remaining distance and the current position with his eyes.

Now he was ranked seventh, and the distance between the front one and him was no more than 150 meters.

And there were two people on each side.

“Tsk.” Bian Shengjian shook his slightly sore shoulders, and his expression became serious.

At the end of the third lap, there were still about 400 meters left.

“Come on!!” Another roar came from nowhere.

Three hundred meters. Bian Shengjian took a deep breath.

There were still five people ahead at present.

It’s time to accelerate.

“Ahhh!” The girl beside the runway suddenly screamed and covered her mouth.

She was so excited that her heart was about to jump out of her throat, as she watched Bian Shengjian shoot straight towards the finish line like an arrow off the string…… Although it was a bit exaggerated to say so, at this moment he was really running very fast, and the explosive power of the instant speed increase made the two people who had been following him, became slightly stunned for a moment, then they also suddenly started to speed up, catching up behind him tightly.

“Brother Jian, come on! Fourth!” Zhou Li just roared, and then his shoulders were suddenly grabbed.

“Don’t shout, he will be distracted.”

Zhou Li turned his head in displeasure, and was slightly taken aback as soon as he met Lu Shen’s gaze.

“Who are you” 

“Concentrate on watching the game.” Lu Shen didn’t look at him, his eyes were glued to the speeding figure, and the hand on his side was slightly clenched.

The last one hundred and fifty meters.

There was already chaos on both sides of the runway, but Bian Shengjian couldn’t hear anything except the wind blowing by his ears at the moment.

All he could see was the last person in front of the line and the destination not far away.

One hundred meters.

The distance between the two was very close.

Fifty meters, then turn another curve.

Bian Shengjian passed the last person, but there was still a person following him step by step.

Bian Shengjian could clearly hear him breathing heavily.

As they neared the finish line, the distance between Bian Shengjian and that person was as close as possible, but at the last moment, he merely hooked the corner of his mouth, and his speed increased a bit, and he was separated from that person by a short distance in an instant. 

Although it was not long, it was enough.

The man behind him gasped and cursed.

Five meters.

Bian Shengjian opened his arms and crossed the finish line step by step with a look of wanton arrogance.

After stopping, the cheers that seemed to explode finally flooded into his ears, which was also mixed with the sound of chaotic footsteps running towards him.

Bian Shengjian wiped the sweat off his face and raised his head.

“Brother Jian!”

Zhou Li hugged him and shouted in his ear.

“Very awesome!”

“It’s so hot, go away.” Bian Shengjian took a few breaths and pushed his arm away, took a sip of the water that Lu Shen handed over, then wiped his mouth.


“You’ve worked hard, little leopard.” Lu Shen smiled, stretched out his hand and wiped his sweat with a towel.

“Damn, what are you talking about” Bian Shengjian clicked his tongue, but his tone was obviously complacent.

Lu Shen smiled and said nothing.

The weather was fine today.

It’s not as cold as yesterday as it was sunny.

At this moment, the sun shone on Bian Shengjian, his face and neck were covered with sweat, but there was a youthful arrogance in the corners of his eyes and brows that almost melted into the light around him.

Lu Shen would probably remember this scene for a lifetime.

“Lu Shen, let’s go.” Bian Shengjian glanced at him, “Why are you in a daze Don’t forget that I still have a show tonight.”

“Ah,” Lu Shen nodded with a smile, and replied, “Coming.”


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