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Watch out for the moon

Can’t sleep.

After Bian Shengjian called Li Fei, Tan Ming, Xiao Liping and the others one by one but no one answered, he threw the phone aside, leaned on the bedside and cursed softly, “Fuck.”

The air was a little chilly, he didn’t know if the temperature was going down.

Shengjian picked up his phone and glanced at the weather forecast. 

24 degrees.

Okay, that’s scary.

He sighed lightly, curled up slightly and hugged his knees, his eyes staring at the darkness outside the window in a daze.

At this moment, in addition to fear, he was also confused about the trouble that had not stopped since he came to this school.

As for the sleep paralysis..

It can probably be classified as the first paranormal event he experienced.

Bian Shengjian closed his eyes.

He didn’t want to lose the light, but he couldn’t stop the drowsiness that came after his nerves suddenly tightened and relaxed.

He slept in such a posture at the head of the bed until dawn, so that when he was awakened by a knock on the door, he was still confused.

He was awake when the second knock on the door sounded, sitting on the bed for a while, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he stretched his arms and legs—-slept in such an awkward position for several hours, and now he was numb all over.

It’s almost overwhelming.

“Third brother, get up.” Lu Shen shouted outside the door.

“Got it.” Bian Shengjian replied while rubbing his arms.

When he jumped out of bed, his head was a little heavy due to lack of sleep.

At the same time, his steps towards the balcony suddenly paused, as if he had remembered something.

He went back to the bed and bent down to look at something under.

It’s not a dream, there is indeed a spell stuck to the corner of his bed board, the bright red on it has turned brown, the strokes don’t look so crowded anymore. 

However, when he thought that it’s full of Lu Shen’s blood, Shengjian felt a little uncomfortable and slightly uneasy.

“This…is it really okay”

Just as he stretched his neck forward under the bed to see the talisman more clearly, suddenly there came a sound of a door being pushed open followed by Lu Shen’s surprised voice, “…What are you doing, third brother”

“Nothing.” When Bian Shengjian heard the sound, he hurriedly turned his head outside, unfortunately, he raised his head early, and hit the edge of the bed with a resounding ‘thud’, which no doubt hurt.


Bian Shengjian hadn’t slept well at first, but after hitting it hard, he almost fell to the ground without his eyes turning black.

He held his head for a long time before he gritted his teeth and got up.

“Are you alright” Lu Shen rushed up after seeing him hit his head, but he could hear his voice clearly holding back a laugh.

“Where was it hit”

“I’m fine.” Bian Shengjian was not only embarrassed, but also a little depressed.

“What time is it”

“Six forty.” Lu Shen glanced at the time, “If you hurry up, you will still have time to go downstairs for breakfast.”

“Yeah.” Bian Shengjian rubbed his head and went to the balcony to wash up.

When he caught a glimpse of the paleness in the mirror, he immediately lost sight of it.

He splashed two handfuls of water to his face and brushed his teeth before coming out. 

He just saw Lu Shen standing curiously in front of his bookshelf, holding a booklet in his hand.

From time to time, he bowed his head and flipped it twice, looking thoughtful.

“What are you doing” Bian Shengjian rushed over and quickly snatched the booklet.

“Did I let you rummage through my things!”

“Is this a song you wrote yourself” Lu Shen smiled, pointed to one of the sheet music pages that were covered in messy marks, and said, “I heard you play and sing in the dormitory before.”

“Just for fun.” Bian Shengjian frowned, “Don’t mess with my things.”


Then Lu Shen’s eyes slid over the row of books relating to music theory and harmony on the bookshelf.

“But I think you are quite talented, why didn’t you apply for art class when you choose your subjects”

“It’s not up to you.” Bian Shengjian snapped shut the sheet music and stuffed it back into the bookshelf, “Let’s go downstairs for breakfast.”

He didn’t want to say that he had a big quarrel with Bian Jianhua at the beginning of the semester when he was choosing a subject to enroll in.

In the end, he chose liberal arts as a bleak ending.

But according to that person’s idea, since he was still in high school, he should honestly learn some cultural knowledge.

If he really wanted to develop on the road of music, he would be sent abroad to a special music conservatory for further studies so that he can earn a living on his own ability when he comes back.

But when it comes to going abroad…….

Bian Shengjian held a dumpling for a long time and didn’t put it in his mouth.

He was a little unsure of himself.

….no matter where he went in the future, it was better than staying in this ghost school, right

“What are you thinking” Lu Shen took the dumplings that had been hanging in the air for a long time and ate them, “Hurry up or we’ll be late again.”

“You are so…” Bian Shengjian glared at him after reacting, and then pointed to the table.

“If you don’t eat so much of the goddamn thing, do you have to rob me”

“I like it.” Lu Shen hooked the corner of his mouth.

Bian Shengjian was too lazy to pay attention to him, and quickly ate all the breakfast on the table before raising his head and saying, “…you look like you didn’t sleep well last night, are you okay”

“Oh.” Lu Shen nodded, “I’m alright.”

Bian Shengjian looked at Lu Shen’s obviously pale face, and remembered how he bit his fingertips and painted the paper last night.

He couldn’t help but glance at his right index finger several times.

“Is your finger alright Will it be infected”

“It’s fine, just a small wound and it has been disinfected.” Lu Shen smiled, “Let’s go.”

“How did you…learn from your grandma” Bian Shengjian hesitated for a while but couldn’t help but ask, “What else did she teach you About those exorcisms and so on…”

“Do you want to learn” Lu Shen raised his eyebrows, hooked his fingers and motioned for him to come over.

“What” Bian Shengjian frowned and leaned his head forward.

“What about these passed down family teachings,” Lu Shen’s voice was low and a little hoarse, and he looked a little sexy when he leaned over and whispered to Shengjian’s ear with shallow breathing.

“It is not passed down onto women, only to men.

She told me that before my death, if I want to pass these teachings to others in the future, either I pass it on to her future grandsons… but if there is no grandson, it is not impossible to make an exception and pass it down to my wife.

“What do you mean” Bian Shengtong’s ear was inexplicably numb, and he reached out and rubbed it a few times.

“It means that if you want to learn,” Lu Shen said, grabbing lightly on his shoulder, “you first have to marry me.”

“…Fuck!” Bian Shengjian glared at him for a few seconds before he lifted his hand off his shoulder: “Lu Shen, have you eaten ** in your **ing brain”

Lu Shen laughed so much that he almost choked, then immediately took a sip from the water on the table.

“Be civilized, I’ve just finished my meal.

“This is my **ing bottle!” Bian Shengjian snatched the water bottle back, and rubbed its rim with a tissue a few times.

“Lu Shen, I found that you are really shameless, you’re face must be as thick as the city wall, I’m not even as cheeky as you are.”

“Hey, you are hurting my self-esteem a little bit.” Lu Shen watched his movements, “My saliva is not poisonous.”

“Maybe it is.” Bian Shengjian glared at him.

“You haven’t tasted it yet.” Lu Shen raised his eyebrows.

“You,” Bian Shengjian pointed to the outside: “Go out, we will fight now.”

“Didn’t we fight before” Lu Shen stood up with a smile, “Well, I won’t tease you, let’s go, we’re really late at this point.”

Along the way, Shengjian had the idea of ​​kicking Lu Shen into the grass several times and then hacking him to death, but as soon as he got to the teaching building and the bell rang, he could only roll upstairs like a gust of wind, to his seat and sat down.

Just in time, as Lao Tan walked in slowly from the door holding a folder.

“Brother Jian!” Zhou Li, as usual, turned around with a book covering his face while Lao Tan was bowing his head.

 “Were you okay yesterday”

“Hm, it’s fine.” It seemed that the dispute with Lao Tan yesterday afternoon was really nothing.

Instead, Bian Shengjian wanted to know what happened last night, but when he recalled that Zhou Li didn’t live in the campus dorms, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“It’s really okay, you turn around.”

“Okay, remember to tell me when something comes up.” Zhou Li glanced at him again before turning back.

To be honest, Bian Shengjian was moved by this kind of concern from the people around him.

After all, in the past, let alone their school, as long as the family around them had little money, they would be ridiculed and targeted by a group of people.

As for blocking people at the gate, at the toilet or at the playground, it’s even more common.

This was not campus violence at all, but was just the norm over there.

And although Bian Shengjian was too lazy to take care of these things, in the long run, he will really be tempered into something else, if it weren’t for what happened later…

“Shengjian.” Bian Shengjian suddenly heard someone call him, only to find Lao Tan looking at him with a book in his hand.

“Don’t get distracted in class.”

“Okay.” Bian Shengjian adjusted his sitting position and looked at him.

He wondered if he was influenced by the threat he made to Lao Tan yesterday.

Looking at him now,  Lao Tan’s face was a little tired and frustrated, like the aftermath of a major blow. 

“Let’s continue the lesson.”

The cell phone in his pocket vibrated, and Bian Shengjian lowered his head and poked open a page, and sure enough, it was sent by those bastards who didn’t answer the phone last night.

–What’s wrong, third brother Yesterday, in the middle of the night, what happened 

–The lonely Old Third wants to chat with me late at night.

–Brother, why were you looking for me last night

Bian Shengjian rubbed his forehead, and suddenly he didn’t know how to explain to these people the miraculous rumors he had heard and the supernatural events he had experienced in the short ten days he had transferred.

After all, there was a distance between them and he could not talk nonsense like before.

Moreover, he always felt that if people were separated by a screen, it was impossible to accurately convey the meaning and emotions he wanted to express.

–It’s alright, the phone was caught by a dog last night, and accidentally dialed your        numbers.

–Fuck, you’re really something.


Bian Shengjian put the phone under the table and was thinking about what happened last night when suddenly something flashed into his mind.

 No, when he was lying in bed last night and couldn’t talk or move, how could Lu Shen know that something happened to him

The corridor was silent. 

Other boarders didn’t even wake up despite the kicking of the door.

Bian Shengjian couldn’t help frowning as soon as he thought of these things, he looked down from the contacts and sent a message.

–You in

–-What’s wrong 

The reply came very fast.

Bian Shengjian turned to look at Lu Shen.

Very good, this guy is playing with his mobile phone on the table.

Lao Tan didn’t even notice him.


–How did you know that something happened to me last night 

Bian Shengjian asked. 

–Have a guess.

–What the hell, isn’t your grandma teaching you some sorcery Can you predict the future 


Lu Shen’s shoulders on the table shook a few times, probably laughing.

“Third brother.” 

Bian Shengjian was frowning and thinking about the possibility of this conclusion, when someone called him softly beside him.

“What’s wrong” Bian Shengjian just raised his head, and another small note flew over from the corner of the table.

“For you.” Lu Shen leaned on the table and smiled, ” an amulet.

Fuck, that’s what he drank last night…!

When Bian Shengjian saw the small piece of yellow paper, he subconsciously felt nauseated, but after unfolding it, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it was not painted with human blood.

“I don’t…” He frowned, hesitantly folded the talisman and stuffed it into a corner of his schoolbag.

“Forget it, I’ll put it away first.”

Lu Shen smiled in a good mood.

Bian Shengjian slumped to the table, and almost his mind was filled with the thing of last night, that dream, and even the smile at the corner of Lu Shen’s mouth. 


After finally waiting until the end of the lesson to get out of class, as he was about to go out to take a breather, Lao Tan walked down from the podium and looked at him.

Bian Shengjian could only helplessly continue to sit on his chair, watching Lao Tan adjusting his glasses as he approached him.

He carefully lowered his voice and said, “Shengjian, can we talk when you are free”

“Not today.” Bian Shengjian sighed.

“Then…” Lao Tan hesitated for a while, “That’s fine if you don’t want to talk today, but Mr.

Huang told me about the situation yesterday, saying that you skipped class”

“I,” Bian Shengjian responded within two seconds, “I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, and I didn’t have time to ask for leave.”

“So that’s what happened.” Lao Tan nodded, “Okay, I’ll communicate with him later.”

“Thank you, Mr.


Bian Shengjian breathed a sigh of relief, and from the bottom of his heart, he was very grateful to Lao Tan for helping him save a disaster.

After all, he didn’t want to be swayed by the teachers of various subjects, let alone skip class.

Such trivial matters were not worth mentioning at all in his view.

Lao Tan’s expression seemed a little hesitant to speak, but Bian Shengjian stood up before he could speak.

“I’m going to the toilet.”

“Go.” Lao Tan could only look at his back standing in place and sighed heavily after half a sound.

“Going to the toilet” Lu Shen came up from behind and placed his arm around his shoulder, “Together”

“Go away.” Bian Shengjian shrugged his shoulders, “What, to compare the size together”

“Why not.” Lu Shen said, standing in the pit next to him and was about to unzip his pants.

“…Shameless.” Bian Shengjian quickly opened two pits away from him, “I’m afraid that if I look at it too much, I will break your little chicken’s neck.”

“You still have such skill” Lu Shen paused and looked at him while maintaining his posture.

Bian Shengjian ignored him, lowered his head and started urinating quickly and attentively, staying away from the lunatic.

“Young Bian.” Lu Shen and he were lying on the edge of the window and looked outside together, and Bian Shengtong was almost used to being called by him like that after a while.

He responded with a lazy voice.

“What’s wrong, idiot”

“Who’s the idiot” Lu Shen glanced at him.

“Idiot screaming…” Bian Shengjian reacted quickly after two seconds.

“Damn, did you trick me”

Lu Shen laughed silently for a while before stopping, and his tone suddenly changed.

“Seriously, I want to talk to you about something.”

“You can tell me anything.” Bian Shengjian coughed.

“On the 15th of every month from now on,” Lu Shen said, “watch out for the moon.”


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