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In the morning, a knight hurriedly ran into the mansion.

The butler rushed out to see what was going on at the urgent voice.

“What’s going on”

“Where’s the Master”

Breathing in, the knight asked.

“In the office—”

Then, before the butler finished speaking, he ran upstairs.

Marie, who had seen this commotion, looked worried.

‘What’s going on… If something big happened to the mansion…’

She lifted her head and glanced in the direction of the mansion’s office.

Leaving the eyes behind, the knight ran to the office at once.


Unable to even think of knocking, he suddenly opened the office door.

Kentrail was already thinking something was going on with the thumping footsteps.

“What’s going on”

“A body has been found.”

The knight panted while answering his question.

He heard the news from the guards and ran all the way to this place, so he had no time to breathe.


His face froze at the word.

It was the body of a person who made a knight like this.

It must have been someone related to the family…

“Who is it”

“It’s Jaz.”

Kentrail clenched his fists.

He squeezed his eyes shut to quell his anger.

‘It was too late Who the hell…’

Looking at the master, the knight continued, “The body was said to have been dumped near Chad River.”

“Any witnesses”

“They are still looking.

It is said that the body has been decomposed for about two days.

Reports have come in because the area smells strange.”

It was as if they were laughing at him.

He couldn’t believe it.

Kentrail clenched his teeth.

“We’ll search together.

Go and call the knight commander right away.”


The knight felt the master’s anger as he said that and ran again.



* * *



The news that Jaz had died quickly spread throughout the mansion.

“Is Siege okay…”

As soon as Barry heard the story, he worried for his friend first.

Even if it was the older brother who framed him and committed evil acts, he was Siege’s only family left anyway.

Because of that, his feelings would not be in a good condition.

“Let’s comfort him when he comes here.”

Marie patted her brother’s shoulder.

Kentrail had already arranged for Siege to stay here when he came to the capital to retrieve the body.

It was partly because he couldn’t leave him alone while he didn’t know who killed Jaz and also because Siege would have people to share the sorrow with when he came here.


Even at his sister’s words, Barry’s shoulders drooped.

It was the same for Ellie and Brielle.

An accomplice to the criminal who tried to harm Marie and the person who tried to harm Brielle died without being properly punished.

The atmosphere of the mansion, which had been bright for a long time, began to darken again.

Suddenly, Taylor came to visit these children belatedly.



He was troubled by his disciple’s melancholy expression.

“Siege will come soon.

You know that, right”


Marie took Ellie and Brielle out of the place.

There must be a story between the two of them.

Then, Taylor’s gaze seemed to show something for a moment before he looked at Barry again, giving a stern look.

“The two of you shouldn’t be arrogant like last time.”


“I don’t know what would have happened if the Count hadn’t been able to find the two of you.

As you may be feeling, the enemy is more subtle than you think, has excellent stealth, and is so fierce that he even kills their side.”

“I understand.”

Barry, who had made a mistake last time, bowed his head.

However, Taylor was displeased with his disciple’s appearance, and he grabbed Barry’s shoulder and made him strengthen it.

“Siege must be in a state of intense emotion.

The more he does, the better you have to focus on him.

You know what I mean”


“We’ll do our best to solve the case as soon as possible.

You, too, graduate from the academy and become a great knight.”

At his Master’s kind words, Barry raised his eyes and looked at him.

“Yes, I will become an outstanding knight like Master.”

At that, Taylor scratched the back of his head as if puzzled and returned to the Knights.



* * *




Brielle came to his uncle.

Kentrail closed the papers he was looking at the nephew’s calling and gazed at the child.

“Brielle, What’s wrong”

At this time, when the child, who had always played with Ellie, came to visit him, he was puzzled.

“I just came to see you.”

Having said that, Brielle, who was heartbroken when he heard that Siege’s older brother, Jaz, had died, went looking for his uncle.

Kentrail took a closer look at him.

He was wondering if there was a story Brielle wanted to tell him and was not able to.

Sitting on the sofa, he made Brielle sit on his lap.

“I’m not a baby.”

“Uncle knows.”

After a long time, he reflected on himself, wondering if he had never sat Brielle on his lap to the point where the child felt this way.

Still, Brielle rested his head on Kentrail’s chest as it was good to be hugged.

“I love you uncle.

You know that, right”

It was rare for the child to express this to him, so Kentrail was worried that something was really going on.

“What’s wrong, Brielle”


What about Uncle Doesn’t uncle love Brielle”

“Of course, I love you.”

He kissed his nephew’s cheek.



“I’ll accept it now.”


“Even if uncle has someone he loves, I will accept it.”

“Didn’t you say it was okay last time as long as Marie doesn’t leave”

“Yes, but… I’ll accept who uncle loved.”

Kentrail’s eyes widened at Brielle’s words.

“Do you know who it is”

“Uncle, do you think I’m a fool You said last time that you had someone you liked.

I didn’t know at the time, but after thinking about it, I realized that.

Marie is the prettiest and kindest person in the world, who would uncle like”

He hugged Brielle tightly.

“Then, why did you suddenly have such a thought”

It was a pleasure to hear that Brielle would understand him.

Nonetheless, at the same time, Kentrail was worried that he was suddenly having such a thought.

“It just… made me think.”

When Brielle heard Siege and Jaz’s story, and he remembered that the only family he had left was his uncle, he swallowed his feelings, unable to say that he would be able to understand everything.

He hated seeing his uncle sad.

“By the way, uncle.”


“I think it’s going to take a lot of effort to change Marie’s mind.”

Brielle gazed at him again and said so.

“Brielle… Actually—”

A knock rang just before he said that he and Marie were in love.

“Looks like someone is here.

See you at dinner then.


At that, Brielle ran out of the office.



* * *



A few days after the news of Jaz’s death, Siege came to the capital.

Barry, along with the other knights, met him and greeted him.

Siege, who had come with a modest group, could be seen in the distance.

Though he had a calm expression, his skinny face revealed his heartache.

“You’re here.”


Barry didn’t know what to say, just patted his friend on the shoulder.

Siege, who knew such a feeling, barely raised the corners of his lips.

“Let’s go to the mansion.”


Since Jaz’s body was to be retrieved the next day, he moved along with Barry.

When he entered the mansion, there was a line of people waiting for him to come.

As Siege saw the people, tears flowed for the first time since he heard the news that his older brother had died.

He was actually scared when he came here.

Knowing that his brother was involved in trying to harm Barry’s sister, Marie, and Brielle, he wondered what would happen if the people in the mansion looked at him with cold eyes.

They were one of the few people who really liked him.

He was reassured just by the fact that he had a real relationship, but now he was afraid of losing even that.

But, contrary to his expectations, they were rather busy comforting him, lest he grieved over the death of his older brother.

Even his true friend, Barry, was still looking at him with warm eyes.

He was very grateful.

And, he thought it was okay to mourn the death of his older brother.

“I left the room you used last time empty.”

Said Kentrail, pretending not to know the child’s tears.

“Thank you.”

Siege entered the mansion surrounded by the children.

Seeing the child’s skinny face, Marie asked the chef to provide food for him.



* * *



The King’s room.

Inside, the King and Caveran were alone.

He had chosen the place where there would be the least ears listening.

All servants who were always by his side were dismissed, and only the chief attendant was left outside the room.

“Isn’t this too much”

The King set a date for Caveran to take the Kingdom’s second-largest gold mine at no cost.

“Think of the loyalty of our family.

It will never be a loss-making business.”

With a smirk, Caveran whispered.

The King’s face became red as if he had been insulted.

He gulped down the tea in front of him, thinking that it was a good idea to prepare something cold.

If it weren’t for this tea, he would have already thrown the vase.

“How long do you think I will be swayed by your words”

“If Your Highness is ready to take out your disgrace at any time, you can reveal it.”

The King trembled in anger.

Still, he never thought to bring the secret between him and Caveran out of the world.

‘…How did he come to know about this’

At this rate, the Kingdom’s treasury was put in Caveran’s mouth.

In an instant, the situation was reversed, and each time he had a private meeting with him, a handful of the King’s hair fell out.

“I warn you.

You’ll need to know the extent.”

“Of course.

So, give this gold mine to our Caveran.”

When the King said he would hand over the gold mine, he thought of breaking free from Caveran’s grasp.

‘…But, I can’t even call Kentrail, so what’

The King, who created a secret that his most trusted person could put a sword behind him, stared at Caveran as he turned around.


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