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When Song Bei heard Yuchis question, he was confused.

Who was this man in front of him and why did he know his name

Was he trying to recruit him as a disciple

There were too many of such people nowadays.

“Do you think Im afraid of you”

Song Bei continued, “If youre truly capable, suppress your strength to a level similar to mine.

Lets have a real fight.”

“Theres no glory to be had in bullying someone weaker, right”

Yuchi smiled and nodded.

Step by step, he ascended the stage.

With a face full of smiles, he said to the dean, “Please call an ambulance and arrange for a few emergency personnel to be on standby.”

The dean quickly nodded and immediately did as he was told.

When Song Bei heard what Yuchi said to the director, he laughed disdainfully.

“I might have lost if you didnt suppress your strength, but Ive never lost to anyone at the same level!”

“Dont look down on me.

The one riding the ambulance wont be me!”

The other students were also looking at Yuchi with worried expressions.

They really wanted someone to teach Song Bei a lesson.

However, it was just as Song Bei had said.

He was almost invincible among his peers.

His master was that highly-respected old man, whose disciples were all excellent martial artists.

Yuchi did not respond to Song Beis taunts.

He just smiled and waved at Song Bei, signaling him to attack.

Song Bei snorted coldly, “Youre not fooling anybody! I dont believe that you can defeat me.”

After he finished speaking, he directed a rather fierce kick toward Yuchis face, which whistled through the wind.

Yuchi was quite calm.

He grabbed Song Beis ankle with one hand.

Before Song Bei could recover from his shock, Yuchi flung his body in a downward arc, causing his face to smash into the stage.


Blood spurted everywhere, and Song Beis eyes were as wide as a dead fishs.

Yuchi then kicked him twenty to thirty meters away.

Song Bei felt intense pain and dizziness engulf him.

He even felt that he might die.

Yuchi was still smiling.

“I forgot to remind you.

If you feel that you cant beat me, or if you are afraid of me, then you can jump off the stage yourself.”

The surrounding students were dumbfounded.


Who was this ruthless man

Song Beis attack had been so fast and brutal, but it was easily caught by this man

Song Bei crawled up from the ground with great difficulty and coughed out another mouthful of blood.

He had lost more than ten teeth.

Then, he pulled out a wooden saber from the weapon rack at the edge of the stage.

He shouted as he charged in Yuchis direction with his blood-covered face.

Yuchi stood there motionless until Song Bei reached him, and promptly kicked him in the chest, causing it to cave in.

The sound of broken bones were heard, and Song Bei was sent flying to the edge of the stage.

“Im going to kill you!”

Song Beis facial expression became distorted as he struggled to his feet and charged at Yuchi again.

He wanted to kill Yuchi.


Yuchi slapped him and then locked his neck in a vice grip with one hand.

Soon after, a punch landed on Song Beis right shoulder, crushing it until his arm flailed limply by the side of his body.

The other students covered their eyes and did not dare to look.

Song Bei was in so much pain that he was screaming at the sky.

The scene repeated itself, except with the left shoulder this time.

A heart-wrenching scream reverberated across the sky.

It was not over yet.

Yuchi casually broke Song Beis right knee with a kick, and then broke his left knee.

Song Bei slumped onto the ground.

The smile on Yuchis face had not changed since the beginning.

Song Bei had already passed out from the pain.

“Lets continue.”

Yuchi stepped on Song Beis ankle and shattered it, using the pain to wake Song Bei up.


Then, Song Bei passed out again.

Then, the other ankle.

This scene was repeated with various parts of his body, causing him to pass in and out of consciousness.

Then, Yuchi extended two fingers and was about to pierce through another bone.

Song Bei opened his mouth in desperation.

With a hoarse voice, he begged, “Stop, please stop.

I admit defeat.”


“Alright then.”

Yuchi calmly retracted his hand.

His left hand that was holding Song Bei by the neck also loosened as he threw Song Bei off the stage like a sack of potatoes.

When he saw the dean standing there in a daze, Yuchi also smiled and said, “Ill have to trouble you to take care of this child.”

The dean was stunned.

“S… sure!” He answered, drenched in cold sweat.

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