Freestanding oval shaped bathtub design: Glamour Bathtub by IPE

Today, many of us have problems with lack of space. This is compounded when you live in a small apartment in the city. Freestanding oval shaped bathtub – a perfect and effective solution for people with limited space.

Manufactured by the Italian producer IPE, this Glamour Bathtub is surrounded by metal panels, which show a pattern of reflection of one’s own bathtub. These panels are very interesting from the point of view of space, which nicely defines the area of the tub, making it a special place, without visually blocking anything. From the bathtub’s inside, it feels safe and secure with a sense of privacy and exclusivity. We love the glitz and glamor of design in black and white. This bath definitely exudes a classic elegance and modern design but somehow implies that the appeal of mystery and darkness.


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