Foscarini Le Soleil Hanging Lamp by Vicente Garcia Jimenez

Experts from Italy’s Foscarini constantly experimenting in the field of forms and materials. Lighting factory fixtures combine creative ideas, bold and interesting design solutions. Stylish and unusual is the new lamp from Foscarini, Le Soleil, created by Spanish designer Vicente Garcia Jimenez.

Le Soleil Appearance is quite original and peculiar. Lampshade of the lamp resembles the outline of the New York Modern Art Museum “Solomon Guggenheim“. Le Soleil was performed by asymmetric bands, which set the beam of dynamics light, seeing it every time a new opacity from different parts of the view. Due to the multilayer structure creates a special aesthetic of soft light rising and falling beams illuminating each layer, which makes the game of light and shadows even more unusual.

The translation from French, Le Soleil means sun, and this model is called so because of the variability of his light, the play of light and form. Probably why the lamp is produced in several colors: white, red and aquamarine.

The model is filled polycarbonate, which allows to create such a unique lighting effect. Le Soleil hanging lamp is also made of chrome-plated steel. The size of the lamp is 200 × 62 (diameter) cm. This lamp and any other wonderful lamp by Foscarini, will become luminous center of space and will suit both the private and public interior.

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