Foliage Modular Lamps by Tazana: Bring a piece of nature into your home

A green plant in general is inspiring designers to create objects. For example, the recent work of Thai design – Tazana. Yes, they are the authors of this fresh and beautiful piece of nature. As you can see the branches and foliage covers the center of this modular lamp, which makes the lighting in question so special and interesting.

The Foliage lamp assembly required. It “loops and whorls of a snail on the small size of the palm”, destined to be “stretched or compressed in shape,” leaves more than it looks: green vine measures one meter, with a decorative sheet each end. The end result of the leaves is a little more free, organic eggs that resembles a nest of vines.

The lamp can be hung as a pendant or somewhere to hang out. Arranged in clusters, the effect is vibrant and earth, down moss egg ethereal. Indeed, since the bulb, the more flexible design itself can make the light so that wish. And this is a nice advantage, right?


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