Flathead Lake cabin, Montana by Andersson Wise Architects

Marvel at this incredibly beautiful cottage. Flathead Lake cabin was designed by Andersson Wise Architects and is located in Polson, Montana, USA. The walls of selected projects include a living room, which has an open floor plan and wood floors that extend outside bar. The facilities are scarce, but not forgotten: a small kitchen, bathroom, shower and allows guests a night. The cabin has no heating or cooling system and running water is pumped from the lake.

The project is essentially a creative mix of old and new. The house itself has a very unusual, in fact has come to our attention. About the construction of a large number of ponderosa pine forests, especially eagles and ospreys that nest nearby. Overall, water, rock and trees form a classic image of the expanding American West, and it is clear why Montana is still known as a great destination in North America. It deserves an additional plus for this design project.


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