Fancy Tent Designs for Creative Expeditions

You are obsessed with expeditions? If your answer to the question “no” is a project that may convince you. If you just do not convince, then at least make you reconsider. That is, what can a tent – it was such thoughts after viewing the following photos.

These tent designs we found on Fieldcandy are probably the most creative outdoor accommodating units out there. This is probably due to the fact that the brand of tents carefully chooses the designers they work with. If you will check out their website, you will see an entire team of ingenious minds, all contributing with their original ideas to this great collection of fancy tents.

Looking through the photos below will give you a clue regarding the variety of the designs. The possibilities are practically endless: melon slices, books, various landscapes- all these to make your outdoor escape perfect. Each product features a  large porch, heavy duty zip, extra strong pegs, easy set up poles, breathable cotton and spacious sleeping area. The cost of one of them from 449 to 660 pounds.


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