Extraordinary Office Furniture: Luna Superfurniture by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Called “Luna superfurniture” Swedish designer Claesson Koivisto Rune aka CKR offers something different to provide as a meeting room … is only one piece of furniture, like a small room within the other, is really what everyone wants to play and can serve many uses for business meetings, friends, relax …

The design is very simple, is actually a lined oval building is sixty feet long by two and a half has some fun circular holes in it, so we can leave our feet dangling and sitting comfortably, but can also lie down and complete with cushions to sleep better, everything that does not quite convince the color, the red seems anything but relaxing, I believe that. neutral or perhaps a green would be more appropriate.

Here is an extraordinary idea that is really funny and amazing, and I recognize that I like, but I also know that if I put in my room did not fit any more, maybe I can be a better idea of lofts or homes with large open spaces, a good way to isolate, but in small apartments, I’m afraid we will not have room for something and have to settle for more traditional sofas.

With minor adaptations would also be a good idea for the playroom for children, if we take the holes in the base and put a side protective barrier, it would be for them a super park reminds me a little to the mattresses of the parties .. . relatively speaking, of course.


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