Eco-friendly table design: TIND by Finne Architects

Seattle-based company Finne Architects presented his collection of furniture, called TIND Table. This is a new look and feel in general should be similar to modern furniture.

In their work, the designer has used the combination of steel and recycled materials from rapidly renewable bamboo that is used to create a statement piece boasting wonderful contrasts. This  small eco-friendly table design has a strong visual presence.

This is not the only modern things, they are also very beautiful in design. As light makes its way to the final table, a wonderful effect is created due to the pattern of the top steel water jet cutting.

And it is this pattern that determines the shape of fourteen table legs, which are cut flush with the table for a nice distinction in texture. Linear, bold, modern and stylish – this end table is sure to be stunning in any contemporary space, especially one with an industrial touch. And of course, this Finne’s TIND table will attract the attention of your guests.


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