“Earthscraper” concept hides a skyscraper than 300 meters underground

Monday, October 3rd, 2011 - Architecture

Members of a group of Mexican architecture called BNKR Arquitectura have created this futuristic public service project called “Earthscraper” and the reason is obvious: it is a giant underground structure.

Designed to be located in downtown Mexico City, the Earthscraper is to bring the history of Mexico inland. From the surface, the top ten floors are a museum and cultural center dedicated to the Aztecs, here are retail spaces, then there are the apartments and, finally, the business section, which is 300 meters underground.

The best detail is definitely, recessed inside the building, where there are bridges extended to look into the background. Something like what we see here.

The only change I would make this structure could change the name to “Hellscraper”.


Pictures gallery of “Earthscraper” concept hides a skyscraper than 300 meters underground

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