Double Bed Furniture: Lipla by Jean Marie Massaud for Porro

The famous french designer Jean Marie Massaud has created a series of Double Bed Furniture called “Lipla“, which consists of a number of elements seamlessly.

The mattress of the bed is based on a wood frame. An upholstered structure with ‘around’ at the head of the mattress. And there is an optional element of wood is at the frame level behind the headboard and provides bedside tables with drawers on both sides of the bed.

Manufactured by Porro Company, Jean Marie Massaud Lipla Double Bed is very good, because it helps the competition to be the best. This bed is characterized by the harmony of its forms, the choice of obtuse angle, the composition and use of upholstery allow Lipla to venture out of the room and improving the living room with its role as an alternative low sofa. It’s easily integrated into a wide variety of modern interiors.


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