DIY: Wall Art Canvas Pictures made from Ikea Fredrika Fabrics

For months I had planned to make some Wall Art Canvas banners for my son’s room. Since it was the world of craft, I realized that they are everywhere and are very happy decorating any room and evoke the holiday permanent.

For this reason, we bought this IKEA Fredrika fabric with fantastic patterns and colors, and my mother embarked on this new project.

When last month I bought a sewing machine, I thought this would be the first project to deal with it. And it has …

Three of the Wall Art Canvas pictures and had sewn my mother and I “made” the other three, but then went and where the curve is a straight beat …

What’s more animated a recycling program yellow scraps of fabric left over and done …

In the end, has remained at the head of my bed … In fact, the header has a few decades, because it belonged to my grandmother’s bed.


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