DIY: Stripping furniture

The etching technique is to work the wood surface with a series of techniques that have appeared over implying that some layers of old paint to the surface called.

This technique of French origin that has been used for centuries, but only now has emerged to become one of the most chic decoration systems of the moment … Do you dare to do it at home?

In fact, there are several techniques for doing this, but we will focus specifically on one of the most common. The process is very simple, it takes skill and patience to get good results.

The preparation of materials is the basis for work, so do not forget to have everything at your fingertips before you get to work, sanding wood, paint, plastic mat (white and light gray), latex, brush and brushes, wax and oil paint cabinetmaker.

To use the technique of the following steps:

1. Sand the bottom of the wooden furniture in the direction of the wood’s pores to open. You can also use a wire brush.

2. Make a mixture of paint, latex and water and spread it evenly over the surface with the brush almost dry. When you are about to dry sandpaper is going to jump again suggesting painting the wooden background.

3. While it is completely dry you should spend the next layer of paint, just a little polish in the cabinet as it was before. The procedure is the same: apply a thin and irregular on the surface and then sand lightly to lift the paint chips as if they had taken the time. Make a special emphasis on the corners.

4. To prevent the color is flat you can put a little oil painting with transparent paint. Pass on the other hand, again and let dry.

5. Give it a good coat of wax as a cabinetmaker for optimal results.


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