DIY: Ikea Regolit Lamp Customization

Light for the decor is as basic as air to breathe: it seems that is not important but what determines everything, you could say that light painting our home. And here is a simple idea and very economical to help you create a unique and original lamp for just 4 or 5 euros with this Ikea’s Regolit Lamp.

Regolit is a ceiling lamp from IKEA. A paper lantern with a circular shape. This is a very practical and ideal lamp for any room in the house, the simplicity and warm lighting offer is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, terraces or any other room in the house. And of course, you can customize!

If you like the Regolit lamp but I would like a more personal touch or if you need an economical and original lamp that can adapt to your decoration then you can see a simple idea that will help you convert Regolit on the perfect lamp for your decor.

It is simply cut some circles (in the colors that best matches your decor) of tissue paper and glue them illegally in the lamp. Despite the simplicity of the project, the result is spectacular.


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