DIY: Connecting a thermostat on the radiator

Winter is just around the corner, and with it the typical weather of the time. This means that soon we will begin to take hold of the blankets, warm clothing and, of course, turn on the heat. If you want to pass or drop in the months of cold winter ahead, but do not break the bank when the gas bill arrives, you can change the key to your radiator with built-in thermostat to another.

This handy device can be purchased at any hardware store and will help regulate the temperature of the radiator, and therefore, reduce our consumption. When you have your key, you get in a quick and easy way, without being an expert in DIY.

The first step is to disconnect and drain the heating circuit. Then, with two keys will have to release the nuts holding the radiator valve and remove the piece. One trick to avoid breakage is to maintain good relations with the pipe wrench in the first place while loosening the nut another chance.

Do not rush this step and take your time, but be sure to do well. Once you have completely removed the old town, you have to place the new, making sure that the diameter of the thread is compatible. Universal sealant applied at the tip of our key new thermostat and the valve screw by hand.

Finally, you must tighten the nuts in the previous step, ie with a socket wrench and turn the nut with the other. It looks a lot easier than I had imagined at first, you just need patience, a little practice and the right materials.


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