Custom home decor with Knitted furniture covers

What do you think of an unusual design of these knitted furniture covers? Among the crazy ideas, but the fun that could help make a unique home, this would be one of my favorites. Now let’s look at these pieces funky wardrobe. Furniture covers are crocheted. When you think about it, it seems very difficult to create a project and finish it.

That would take too long to do all those covers for furniture, not to mention I would have to be made precise measurements in order to fit furniture. In addition, some of them would be in pieces and then assembled. Sounds like a lot of work but still sounds funny when you’re bored and have nothing better to do.

I especially like the finish. The furniture looks very inviting. It is a very personalized way of decorating furniture. It’s something that everyone will notice immediately when you come to visit and probably will become a favorite topic during conversations. So it would be in favor of such decorations, but I admit I need a job and behold, it is likely to be damaged over time.


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