Cool internet cyber cafe interior design in New Zealand

Create a cool interior design for internet cyber cafe – it’s a difficult and responsible task. After all, no need to do is not that exactly what you like and what your visitors like it, then there will have to consider the interests of others, and it’s not easy.

We want to show you a great example of how to be made good work of this kind. Welcome to the Café IT in Hamilton, New Zealand, where it is a good example of the new generation of restaurants that offer not just good coffee, they also offer internet service.

Pay attention to the colors of the room: bold colors, metallic finishes and Zincalume for a high-tech look carefully selected and easily and it helps to calm.

The concrete floor and equipment cabins feature Resene Vinyl Etch MDF covered with metallic gray Enamacryl Resene Blast and acrylic finishes AquaClear Resene protection. Lumbersider Resene acrylic satin Lima features on the walls, while Resene Zylon 20 flat acrylic Tolopea (Deep Purple) is used on the roof to contrast the metallic finishes such as steel. The whole look is softened by the use of high gloss Resene Polythane the tops macrocarpa.

Furniture matched exactly to the colors. This creates a balance.


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