Colorful and playful cabinets: Collect 2011 by A2 Designers

Collect 2011 is a collection of colorful and playful cabinets by the Swedish A2 Designers. Although compact, this thing in any case can not be called simple. The fact that this piece of storage furniture is wood and MDF, painted with beautiful and fun colors: white, blue, yellow and pink.

Made in Småland, Sweden, a pattern adorns each door and each cabinet colors that seem to have a different design. Triangles engraved on the doors of grace in the eyes and give a sense of joy to the collection. Playing with the results of geometry in creating these little pieces of furniture, ideal for any room in the house.

According to the designers of the collection, Collect 2011 is colorful and is characterized by its doors with an interesting pattern of triangles on two levels.

Think of it like this, simple at first glance, the furniture can simplify your life and make it more interesting in some sense.


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