Coffee Shop Interior Design Ideas: Cafe Federal in Australia

This time we’re going to show you the interior design of a Coffee Shop. Cafe itself is located in Australia. Certainly, many of us dream to watch football soccer games with a cup of espresso, being in such a wonderful, pleasant place, is not it?

Cafe Federal is both a café, a restaurant and bar located near the old market building. This coffee is basically a culinary happiness.

The windows are completely open, allowing anyone to have good look at the street, and a pleasant temperature. Each story seems new and quiet corners. The color theme is red bars, which stimulates a hint of emotion. Perfect for a morning of reading with a coffee, drink the fruit to honey with ricotta and truffle.

The main attraction is right at the top, where a terrace on the roof waiting to be filled with fun and laughter. This is a small oasis in the middle of a hectic city. To be perfect, there is also a careful selection of light, plants and small trees from multiple tables and the music scene.

Imagine if the light from the cafeteria has been made with coffee stirrers or spoons such that come with packets of sugar to move the coffee :D.


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