Classic design and contemporary style penthouse in Madrid

This penthouse is spectacular finish in Madrid, Spain. Designers are responsible for developing, merging selected classic and contemporary styles to decorate the space.

In principle, there are the first who did it, but their work has created a very high quality, interesting and beautiful. The apartments are decorated in bright colors add a lot to a certain vitality in them. Complement this color scheme of relevant pieces of furniture that are in tune with the environment and among themselves.

There are a large number of objects and art, and large windows allow the apartments have beautiful lights and enjoy a fantastic view of the fact that being on the street. In addition to the large windows, the owners want a little privacy – so there are great curtains.

But back to the furniture. Virtually all that is made of timber, without decoration. This, I must say, very impressive. In general, the apartment is light, colorful, and even a little weird. It makes you see things optimistically.


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