Childhood Toys-Inspired Lamps: Evil Robot Designs by EViL ED and Dan Robotic

Although we have spoken on many occasions the importance of directing our lights, to get to have a well lit room, or in accordance with the function of the stay, the fact is that the lamps can function either as a mere decorative object, especially in side lighting points and are not the primary light source.

Inspired by the children’s toy, the group of designers EViL ED and Dan Robotic has developed an impressive lamp called “Evil Robot Designs” that gives them a striking high-gloss finish. The design is very flexible, because it has action figures of some of the most popular animated films including The Matrix, Thunderbirds, Shrek, Star Wars, He-Man and Spiderman, these years worth eclectic port lights ‘of memories that can be proudly displayed in our homes for adults.


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