Chalet Beranger by Interior Architect : Noa Duchaufour Lawrance

This modern house is a design of Noe Duchaufour Lawrance. He is a French designer and interior architect who complete the project Chalet Beranger. This modern house is a house with a traditional cottage appearance based on its physical appearance exteriorly. With the architectural design of the organic form is built around a strip of wood. And interior design are built based on a focal point, so the living room where the family comes together around the warm hearth.

There is also the public domains are located on the upper floor and living room with wide 100-square meter. And the primarily is the living room located on the second floor with large kitchen and besides that there are five bedrooms. In each bedroom there own bathroom. On the other hand there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two lounge rooms separate by barn. Maybe this house or villa is a not unusual. But if you’ve got into it, then you will be interested in modern design contained within the house. This modern minimalist design house has wooden floors in traditional chalets, but then there is nothing traditional about this chalet.

The Chalet Beranger has the most sophisticated interior with plenty of alluring and attractive design elements. With their ideas and creativity, you will be amazed and appearance of the house it would be more interesting than it looks on the outside. Maybe there’s nothing interesting or unusual, but then perhaps it is what makes it stand out above all.


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