Brilliant and Unusual Collection of Furniture from Fama

This brilliant collection of furniture design studio Fama – unusual and wonderful. The vivid colors and bright, and besides all the furniture collection is also convenient. Failure to take ergonomics. Here, for example, a small chair that looks in the photos first called ‘La Caracola‘. It is equipped with a small “table” to which it is possible, for example, with the convenience of tea or used as a support for the book be put off for a while. In addition to the collection there is a chaise lounge called ‘Pauline‘. Well, the seat has a front wheel for easy maneuverability, so you can be where you want.

How many of you have a chair in your bedroom, whose sole purpose is to keep the clothes that are too lazy to hang at the end of a long day? Or worse, how many of you have a corner on the floor designated for this? Well, Galan offers the perfect solution. Its shape is ideal for holding those clothes wrinkle-free, while also serving as a seat and storage unit, thanks to the hollow chair.

Although the colors and patterns tend to be very vibrant and spectacular, seems to always have a more subtle version of all its parts – that way there is to lose the comfort and functional benefits of these elements. The design team of Fama is proud to design development of new and original ideas. It is clear that some deep thought went into creating these designs. The result is hip, modern furniture, which also makes life easier.


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