Bright Colored Chair Designs: Fauchon by Mahdi Naim

Today we re-examine a piece of furniture that has a property, but rather a compartment for storage. Meet a chair with a bright color in its appearance. Just yesterday we saw a little storage compartment minimalist stool called Steel Stool by Noon Studio, as now received information about a new design project. This time we want to consider chair, designed by French designer Mahdi Naim. To start a small clarification – the chair is not a separate project – this is only part of a larger program, created specifically for the Fauchon store, located in Casablanca, Morocco.

As the chair was named in honor of the store – Fauchon. The chair in question looks quite simple and bright, although it has an unusual shape. In addition to the form itself, the emphasis is on a small “pocket” that is made specifically for those who could put a bag. But it is not necessarily a bag, right? You can put that in fact anything to climb. Well, we’re not going to argue with the designer: the bag means a bag. With regard to materials used in the creation of Fauchon, here we are, unfortunately, I can not say. One can only assume this is some kind of plastic. Judge for yourself!

Wish to thank the chair design, which really makes it interesting. Very dynamic and brilliant, especially the combination of black with the rest. The chair can be used both at home and office. Well, as the chair of brilliant, with room for your luggage?


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