Bill Gates Renting Florida Home For $600000/Month

Today we bring you another house rented by the founder and creator of the giant software company Bill Gates in Florida and it’s spectacular. The former CEO of Microsoft has several houses, mansions, I say, all over the country, and this is the last thing that has become part of his nesting place in December 2011 to May 2012. Although not yet made the traditional opening ceremony to present his new home to his acquaintances, and some photos have been leaked and I must say that I love, no doubt an ideal home for anyone. And we know that cost $ 600000/month and has no less than 7,300 square meters. The land is also huge and has a garden to build a football stadium.

The house style is similar to Tuscany, which I like after watching several films of Tuscany and picturesque houses. It has 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, and have a guest house with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a small room (like other normal house without a kitchen).

In addition, the main house has a spacious living room with private bath, master suite with a spectacular wardrobe will reach a small hallway to the rooms that are connected and not have to walk far to get dressed. It also has a pool, so what is the house seems a little small. As for the big garage for no less than 12 cars.

The interior is between rustic and classic, with many Victorian features, especially in bedrooms. As for the field, bird’s eye view is spectacular and there are thousands and thousands of square feet, many of them occupied by palm trees and get a very natural environment in a privileged environment, especially because it also has a private lake.


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