Best Ikea Sofas: Tidafors by Ola Wihlborg

For those who understand and have gone many times to buy from Ikea sofas Tidafors by Ola Wihlborg are the best you can find in any store in the Swedish multinational.

This is a collection of strips to provide the best comfort to its customers. Of course, once again we find the typical problem that provide most of the sofas that come from Sweden: it must support the head support.

The 3-seater sofa is the one I recommend. Can be combined with an identical 2-seater and is available in 5 colors (Tullinge rust, Tullinge gray-brown, Tullinge dark brown, Dansbo medium brown, Edsken dark gray). Cheaper cost € 399, while more expensive to pay € 549. Two parking options are priced between 349 and 499 euros.


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