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Bed of Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt was familiar with bone glue, which was used in techniques of incrustation and veneering. The Egyptians used mortise and tenon joints and dowelled joints to combine most structural elements of furniture. In sarcophagi, chests and dressing tables they also used dovetail joints or bevelled joints (Setkowicz 1969). The oldest known Egyptian bed, more […]

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Baby Boy Rooms Ideas from the Superhero

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If you have a little boy and looking for the best baby boy rooms ideas that will fit them, you might want to use their favorite superhero for the room idea. To do this, you just need to know who their favorite superhero is. After that you can start to redecorate the room with some […]

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Walk-in-Closet by Hosun Ching

Let’s have a very impressive design from Hosun Ching whom has graduated from from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands, its called the Walk-in Closet. The design has more practical use than the standart wardrobe which has 60cm depth, and that design has drawers for accessories and hidden stacks. The design has so many function such […]


Innovative Bedroom Design by Huelsta

While it comes to bedroom, that is very important to us to gather some design ideas. Actually we spent third part of our life in bed room, as we see bellow, a Germany manufacturer, Huelsta, makes great furniture for bedrooms and has awesome ideas for bedroom layouts. There are many collection from Huelsta as you […]

Vintage Boys Bedroom Ideas

Some time ago we told you about how to choose the interior design of the bedroom for boys, and now just want to share photos on the subject. In fact, it’s really not a small gallery, bearing in mind that designers love to work with more room for the girls. You are waiting for these […]

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