Beautiful Models of Ikebana: Japanese Floral Art

Ikebana is the name given to the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It’s more than putting flowers in a vase, because it has a disciplined art form in which human and natural join. In the art of ikebana flowers are not only paper but also works with other parts of the plant, including stems and leaves, and the emphasis on form, line and everything. Minimalism is an important aspect, as you reach for a flower arrangement that stands out for its beauty and purity of its lines.

The structure of these agreements is usually based on a scalene triangle, bordered by three points, usually twigs, considered by many as representations of heaven, earth and man, while for others it symbolizes the sun, moon and earth . The vessel containing the matrix is essential part, so you can play with different styles of pottery.

Check out these beautiful models of Ikebana, perhaps encourage you to create your own floral arrangement and after this style would be perfect for a minimalist decor and ambiance.


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