Bathtub with Drawers: Keops Evolution bathtub series by Royo Group

Bathroom – is like a completely different world where you always want to relax a little and reflect. Many people certainly love to think about their future plans, take a bath. And now we want to present this Keops Evolution bathtub series from the Royo Group, which we believe will be great to meet your needs for relaxation.

Bathtubs with drawers have a clear advantage in confined spaces. Even when the bathroom is large, the drawers are useful for swimming related products you need to keep close while taking a hot bath and bubbly. The incorporation of drawers in the overall design of a bath was an interesting idea by this Spanish company with 35 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of bathroom furniture.

This piece of innovative bathroom furniture features functional drawers and shelves that can hold small beauty products near you while you enjoy a relaxing bath and well deserved. The finishes are available in white acrylic tub and walnut and the furniture can be chosen to be white or black. You can choose between four different types: Essential, serenity, energy and dynamics.

Of course, the Royo Group’s Keops Evolution bathtub series is not seen everything, but are very luxurious, and every one of them – completely different from all earlier ones.


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