Barbie’s Eco-Friendly Dream House worth $3.5 Million USD

Odyssey continue with Barbie, one of those rare phenomena that transferred the geographical and cultural barriers and find their place in the annals of history forever. From Asia to Europe and America, girls around the world play with Barbie dolls prototypes and therefore, the blonde beauty is an icon of 20th century and 21.

Why not surprise us that the house of Barbie would cost $ 3.5 million USD. This Eco-Friendly Home For Barbie was designed by New York-based, graduates of Harvard Li Ting and Maja Pakler, submitted for The AIA Barbie Dream House Competition held by The American Institute of Architects in collaboration with Mattel and celebrate the launch of the new Mattel’s doll “I Can Be”.

The modern four-story beach house is equipped with a roof garden, kitchen chef, spiral staircases, library, meditation room and home gym. Eco-chic features include solar panels, bamboo floors and furniture of local origin.


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