Bala Studio Intimacy Furniture Collection by Xanath Lammoglia and Andres Amaya

The young Mexican designers Xanath Lammoglia and Andres Amaya from Bala Studio, has released a collection of intimacy furniture in order to have sex ouside of the bedroom as comfortable as possible.

One feature of our furniture is not made of black tubes with whips and leather braces or seem, but are aesthetically rich, sensual pieces that you want to show off“, told designer Xanath Lammoglia.

A fusion of design and art in every piece of furniture that we have: At the first glance of this collection is called Adela Chair, which is inspired by the Adelitas, characters of the Mexican Revolution who went with his men to fight. A chair, whose ergonomics has been designed for women to take charge of the relationship. Only 64 pieces were produced, limited edition, only a few can enjoy. Made of fiberglass, polyurethane seat lining. We can choose between three colors: white, red and black.

Another furniture in the library is called fellatio chair. This name is not necessary to do a lot more forthcoming about its usefulness. It is red and its strong support allows full tilt the body.

The collection also find a table, do not know if very practical, but pretty funny. It has been christened “The Postman Always Rings Twice” and that has inspired a love scene on the table, which happens in this movie (starring Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in 1981). This made of polyurethane and cedar wood, and where you draw the silhouette of a woman.

They have also thought of elements for the bathroom called “Wet Connection“, perhaps the most intimate of the house. It is a glass wall with holes in different ways by which we can see some parts of the body of your partner while enjoying a pleasant shower.

I recommend you to visit their website for you to know many more details.

{via: Luxepleasure}

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