Awesome Mugs for Photography Enthusiasts

We offer truly awesome things. These are small accessories – mugs, big brand style of glasses. Certainly any photographer is something very similar, although probably not just a photographer. As it would be logical. Since cups are very comfortable and very pleasant to drink some beverages, but if you want – a simple thing can be a rare accessory. And so now we are presenting a cup of 3 types, let’s go.

# Canon Camera Lens Mug
If you like coffee or tea in the morning, here’s a great device, if I may say so, for this purpose. What to do exactly with the original purpose and looks very realistic.

# Nikon Camera Lens Mug
Want to fill your cup of delicious drink to your attention in this Nikon camera lens mug. The original topic will be ideal for you. Here, even the rolls of the lens, with a cup size changes a little.

# The Shot Glass Lens Set
Another great option that can be used both at home and office. And that is over and this little collection.


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