Animal shaped seating furniture: Octopus Chair by Maximo Riera

This is perhaps one of the funniest chairs that we have ever met. Octopus Chair – a beautiful piece of seating furniture, created by Spanish designer Maximo Riera. This limited edition piece is part of a larger collection called ‘Animal Chairs’. The series consists of more than fifteen different works, where the marriage between the furniture and animals is the main component. The series is to give life to the basic function of the object, making it more present, while creating a stronger connection between the viewer, the chair and its environment.

The chairs are made using a CNC milling machine, which is covered by a team of over thirty professional and four different companies. Tools machining of sculpture then produced a number of ways to cut blocks of foam. Each party was assembled, glued, sanded and painted by hand to create an object that conveys a dynamic sense of movement.

The design is so beautiful that its appearance alone will make you smile. An amazing combination of high technologies and stripes give an excellent result.


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