Aïssa Logerot Extensions Multipurpose Furniture

The Parisian designer has created an extension of multi-purpose furniture can easily support multiple packaging, transportation, storage, assembly and disassembly. In her opinion, only includes interchangeable components of the chain, without glue, no nails. The collection includes a table, lamp and bookshelf. According to the owner of the will of the parties of these pieces can be recombined what you want.

This contemporary furniture design by Aïssa Logerot is based on the use of multiple use and of dubious quality. We realized that in time we need something else when it comes to furniture, we want to expand or lengthen depending on use. Because these products are expected in a non-fixed this is no longer a problem.

The wooden parts have different reference points within the overall color of the wood so they could be easily assembled, the cotton chain in a simple fix.

For example, the table of extensions can be easily tailored to your room, changing some elements in order to lengthen the addition of other elements or to transform it into a coffee table or bench. You can do this off from the base of the feet.


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