Actiu equips the new airport in Alicante

Equipping the Alicante airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto de Alicante) expansion has been a challenge for Actiu, one of Spain’s three most important manufacturers in the furniture and other furnishings for professional offices sector.

A great collaboration between the R & D, the technicians responsible for Aena and Alicante airport, has allowed to evolve design concepts for a demanding application traffic continued, achieving excellent results in the development of a new concept of check-in desk and control room, which by its design and materials required, represent an innovation for airport management. Actiu performance has also been in the areas of administrative furniture, furnishings group, enclosures (handlings), signaling and media for passport control.

Aena has relied on Actiu to improve the image and Alicante airport management, contributing to maintaining the 50 busiest in Europe, and one of the 5 most important in Spain.

The expansion of the new terminal will double its capacity and can serve 20 million passengers a year, thus providing better infrastructure to promote tourism.

Thanks to the efforts in plant, machinery and development of new products, Actiu is present in large airport installations.

The extension of Alicante Airport, the new terminal L5 at Heathrow in London, Abu Dhabi airport or airports of La Palma, Pamplona and Ibiza, are some of the projects the company has conducted in high traffic areas.

[via: Actiu]

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