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Modern Bar Counter Design

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Coffee Chair for Your House

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Many people have the coffee chair in their house. In a simple way, you can say that this chair is the kind of chair that you usually sit when you are slurping your coffee with the additional snacks. Therefore, you might also need the coffee table if you want to have this kind of chair […]

extraordinary home theater design from Electronic House

The design includes a lots of curtains that flow freely on every wall and also for the ceiling. Because of deep red color these curtains come in contrast with light woodwork that highly presented in the room. The curtains very nicely balance reflective woodwork to lessen the sound. The many gear resides in a very […]

Dakota Ceramic by Flaviker

We usually use fake wood to make an interior looks aged. Dakota ceramics made by Flaviker makes everything different, it stills looks aged, but its not using any woods, its use ceramics to moodify interiors looks like aged. That aged design are ideal for decorating bathroom, living room or any room that you want it […]

The Discipline Furniture

The former CEO of Skistch named Renato Preti departing in 2011, founded the brand Whose mission is to create “a new generation of furniture and accessories to Lend emotion to real life”. They make exclusive designs using natural materials. They are more focused on the beautiful aesthetics of everyday objects and enduring values. Furniture and […]

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