A charming chandelier made from natural materials: Oh Man, it’s a Ray! by Ingo Maurer

We are glad to present you one of the most charming lights of our age. On the ingenuity of the subject lighting can give odds to many things of this kind. The fact that the light created by the award-winning German designer is a tribute to the ingenuity of Man Ray!

Called “Oh Man, it’s a Ray!“, this piece of lighting furniture is both a mobile and a chandelier, and we must recognize that when the genie, Ingo Maurer, do one of his creations, is not comparable to any other.

From simple, natural materials, pieces of wood shaped hangers and incandescent bulbs, which is an object airy and playful, but impressive.

Presented at the design event of Light+Building 2010 in Frankfurt, “Oh Man, it’s a Ray!” can be manufactured with 4 to 6 layers and Its diameter is about 200 or 250 cm and 75 cm high.


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