15 Cool Furniture Pieces Made from Cardboard

Many of the things around us have been packed in cardboard boxes, this material is tough, durable and commonly used in day to day. Although it sounds like an eccentric worthy of a starving artist of fame and prestige, or a whim of wealthy, three decades ago created the first furniture from pieces of cardboard.

Think of cardboard and the mind immediately conjures up images of that terribly boring and awful and brown packing material. However, relying on the continuity of design to make fresh carton. Do not believe us? Well, then check out our list of the best examples of cardboard furniture, which not only shows the designer’s imagination, but also conscious design.

The Cardboard Chaise by Antonela Dada and Bruno Sala

The Cardboard Chaise by Henry Pilcher

Wall Shelf Prototype

Vouwwow Cardboard Chair by Maartje Nuy and Joost van Noort

The My Space Cardboard Folding Play Area by Liya Mairson

The Cat Cocoon by Warren Lieu

Fashion4Home’s Chic Cardboard Furniture

The Green Recyclable Cardboard Desk

Ying Yang Cardboard Shelf by Eric Guiomar

Giles Miller’s Cardboard Fluted Table

Yano-Shiki’s Cardboard Lamp


Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair

Gareth Neal’s King Louis Cardboard Table

Recycled Cardboard ‘Scrap Lamps

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