10 Hills Place by Amanda Levete Architects

Of course, we learned that the windows are always exactly vertical, well, except for the roof are integrated into the roof. And certainly in terms of architectural forms and the correct answer. But sometimes the window at an angle can become virtually the only solution to the normal lighting facilities. For example, in urban areas where tall buildings on narrow streets limit the access of light.

Here is a look as a task to handle the architects Amanda Levete, working on the facade of an office building in London named “10 Hills Place“. They used a technique that is used in shipbuilding. The design used curved aluminum profiles with a system of hidden trenches to drain the water. The use of self-cleaning glass and clever detail eyelids hidden channels ensures the facade remains low maintenance.

The ground floor is led by a laminated glass as the one inserted a stainless steel mesh and opaque semi dichromatic intermediate film. This is lit from behind, using fiber optics to generate a moire pattern color and dynamic visual interest by providing a sense of depth to what would be a blank wall.


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