Bed of Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt was familiar with bone glue, which was used in techniques of incrustation and veneering. The Egyptians used mortise and tenon joints and dowelled joints to combine most structural elements of furniture. In sarcophagi, chests and dressing tables they also used dovetail joints or bevelled joints (Setkowicz 1969). The oldest known Egyptian bed, more […]

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Modern Bar Counter Design

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IKEA Gazebo for Your Simple Outdoor

There is almost no one that does not like the outdoor activities; even it is just relaxing on the gazebo. Unfortunately, building a gazebo is not a cheap thing. If you want, you can buy the ikea gazebo for the considerably cheap price. Basically, this kind of gazebo will give you the basic roof so […]

Contemporary Homes ZA that You Might Love to Have

Nowadays you can find many houses with the contemporary concept. All of those concepts are coming from all over the world. One of them is the South Africa. If you want, you might try the contemporary homes za for the inspiration for your home design. Here, you will be able to find many big houses. […]

Baby Boy Rooms Ideas from the Superhero

If you have a little boy and looking for the best baby boy rooms ideas that will fit them, you might want to use their favorite superhero for the room idea. To do this, you just need to know who their favorite superhero is. After that you can start to redecorate the room with some […]

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