Creative Layered Lighting Designs

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Hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries rely on creating an experience for guests. When renovating venues, designers and owners must maintain a fine balance between following energy codes and pleasing customers. Part of that balancing act requires them to work around existing wiring and ceiling designs while using energy efficient light bulbs. They also view the [...]

Modern design of a dream home in Chayagasaka

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There were a modern design of a dream home located in Chayagasaka in Nagoya, Japan. This design is well-suited for its family that have 2 children. This design made by Tetsuo Kondo a Japanese Architect this amazing dream home just under 964 square feet. While deceiving from street view, this home is a fully open [...]

Think Fabricate round tables by Brooklyn-based

This is very good design of a round tables, created by Brooklyn-based design studio Think Fabricate. Made of natural walnut hardwood, lacquered ash, and eco-friendly Richlite. This artistic table gives us a natural design in the color of brown walnut and the surface are joined with legs using a classic design. There are three sizes [...]

Types of Fabrics Used For Curtain

Curtains are made out of different types of fabrics. When choosing a curtain look at the interior decor first and get materials that match with your room. Make sure you take fabrics that add color to your room. We have different types of fabrics to begin with cotton is one of the most popular fabrics [...]

The Correct Way To Clean Sandalwood Beads

Sandalwood beads are a special type of bead that are commonly used in Tibet. These beads can normally be seen being incorporated into Tibetan Buddhist prayers. The beads are normally threaded into a rosary style strand that is passed directly through the fingers of the Buddhist individual, while they are uttering various mantra prayers. You [...]

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