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extraordinary home theater design from Electronic House

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The design includes a lots of curtains that flow freely on every wall and also for the ceiling. Because of deep red color these curtains come in contrast with light woodwork that highly presented in the room. The curtains very nicely balance reflective woodwork to lessen the sound. The many gear resides in a very […]

Walk-in-Closet by Hosun Ching

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Let’s have a very impressive design from Hosun Ching whom has graduated from from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands, its called the Walk-in Closet. The design has more practical use than the standart wardrobe which has 60cm depth, and that design has drawers for accessories and hidden stacks. The design has so many function such […]


Källemo modern and comfortable sofa Spectra by Matti Klenell

Källemo developed a new modern and comfortable sofa Spectra by Matti Klenell. This big size that has a comfortable wooden frame and solid ash colored cushions. The numbers of the pillows are 10 in two layers of different texture, size and density. The size of this seating is 1020 x 670 x 1000 mm, the […]

Innovative Bedroom Design by Huelsta

While it comes to bedroom, that is very important to us to gather some design ideas. Actually we spent third part of our life in bed room, as we see bellow, a Germany manufacturer, Huelsta, makes great furniture for bedrooms and has awesome ideas for bedroom layouts. There are many collection from Huelsta as you […]

How To Rearrange living room

There are some minimalist design to your living room, you can choose what suits you. There are so many way to organize a clever storage that you can chose any models, any style and any colors. A traditional bookcase or open shelves are ideal for any interiors and makes the space airy and light. but […]

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